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Intricate Fine Line Tattoos| Eternal Tattoo Ink Lining Black

A popular style that’s taking the tattoo world by storm at the moment is fine line tattooing. These tattoos are intricate and elegant, and course consist of very fine lines.  Quite often these fine line tattoos are on the smaller side, as they tend to be discreet, and they definitely suit being cute little pieces. Although it’s not unheard of to see fine line tattoos in colour, more often than not they’re simply lined in black without any kind of shading or colour added to them. 

Fine line tattoos would typically be lined with a 1RL or 3RL in order to achieve the intricacy and detail associated with fine lines. Fine line tattoos that consist of only lines do not require any other needles (such as shaders), which can be a blessing if you’re really bad at coping with tattoo paint! These delicate designs tend to be completed quite quickly, and with a lot less trauma to the skin, so the aftercare process can also be a breeze compared to larger scale shaded or bold colour pieces!

Although they’re typically only small, and generally quite quick tattoos to do, fine line tattoos can be quite tricky for artists. There’s no hiding behind bolder lines, and they’re so intricate that there is absolutely no room for error, so having a steady hand is a must! 

As stockists of Eternal Tattoo Ink Lining Black, we love a good fine line tattoo, and we’re sure you’ll really love these fine line tattoos that we’ve came across! Take a look..

An amazing tattoo done by Tais Gallo. An old arcade video game that looks so neat and precise! 

Done by Marco Matarese, this Roman style statue is incredible. Instead of shading this, he’s used single lines to etch in a shaded effect which is a brilliant touch.

‘Damned is the man who abandons himself ‘. We imagine single needle text can be really tricky to tattoo, but this artist has done a brilliant job of it. Artist unknown. 

A truly stunning tattoo from Jakub Nowicz.  This simple silhouette of a woman's body is striking. 


We LOVE this one! Done by Ilwol Hongdam. A beautiful little palm tree and ocean scene. 

A simple fingers crossed hand gesture design.  Little fine line tattoos are great for those who love tattoos, but don't want to commit to a big bold piece. Artist unknown

Although they’re gaining tonnes of popularity, fine line tattoos aren’t something that we’ve seen an awful lot of yet, so we'd absolutely love to see more of them. If you’re into this style of tattooing and have created some fine line tattoos yourself then why not get in touch? Leave us a comment in the box below! Don’t forget, if you’re on the lookout for a great lining ink then why not check out the Eternal Tattoo Ink Lining Black over on our webstore?




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  • Antonia McLoughlin