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Lovely Leo Tattoos for this Month | Buy Orange Tattoo Ink Online

It's Leo season, and if your birthday falls between July 22nd - Aug 22nd, then we hope you'll be celebrating in style!  If you're thinking of getting a Leo tattoo to mark your birthday, then you're in luck, as it's probably one of the coolest star signs in terms of what it's represented by.  Leo is of course symbolic of a Lion, which is a really popular subject when it comes to tattoos. 

It is said that Leos are a particularly strong type of person, who always exude confidence, and are fiercely loyal. They do tend to have a feisty side, and it’s not suprising given that Leo is ruled by the sun, and is a fire sign. We've came across some beautiful Leo themed tattoos that are as fierce as they are cool. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a huge range of orange tattoo ink, we love a good star sign tattoo! If it’s your birthday this month and you’re wanting to find some brilliant tattoo inspiration then look no further!  Check out these brilliant Leo tattoos ...

First up, a gorgeous fineline lion tattoo on the ankle. Artist unknown

A watercolour effect Leo tattoo complete with some beautiful stars. Artist unknown

A tiny little Leo finger glyph. Artist unknown

A realistic black and grey piece from Jorge Jamaica. 

Inspired by Cara Delevigne's lion finger tattoo, we think this black and grey piece is perfect. Artist unknown

An absolutely stunning piece of work from Miryam Lumpini.

A gorgeous blackwork piece of a lion and scenery, framed by some beautiful foliage. Artist unknown

If you’re a Leo and you fancy getting a gorgeous lion tattooed on you to mark your horoscope, then why not show us your new tattoo? Whether your Leo tattoo is star sign inspired, or if you just liked the idea of having a lion tattooed on you, we think these tattoos are completely gorgeous. Don't forget to share your thoughts with us. If you're going to be creating some lion tattoos, then we stock a huge range of orange tattoo inks that would work really well in lion tattoos. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin