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Lovely Libra Tattoos for September | Cohesive Bandage for Tattoos

Whether we believe in it or not, most of us love a good horoscope and can’t help but have a read about our supposed fate for the week, and about our so called personality traits associated with our star sign.  For many people, horoscopes are some serious stuff, so much so that a star sign tattoo is on the cards, to symbolise their future, luck, or personality traits. 

The month of September is represented by both Virgo and Libra, and as Virgo was also covered in August, it’s Libra's time to shine!  The Libra zodiac sign represents those born between 24th September and 23rd October, and is often symbolised in the form of a pair of ‘scales’.  The scales signify balance, emphasising the Libran's well-balanced and fair nature.  
Librans are very diplomatic people with a strong sense of justice.  They are said to be kind and gentle beings who aim to please and want to keep everyone happy.  Because of this they can find it difficult to say no to people, which can result in a lot of stress. 

As a supplier of Cohesive Bandage for Tattoos, we love all things tattoos, and we’re really keen on checking out various styles and the latest tattoo trends.  Star sign tattoos seem to be one of those things that never get old, so why not check out these lovely Libra tattoos with us!..

First up, by Andrew Artega, this hand tattoo is totally stunning. Featuring the Libra glyph in a beautiful grey wash effect.

A gorgeous little neo trad piece by Daniela Dag. We love how the heart and mind is represented on this good set of scales. 

By Jez Hout, a simple yet stunning blackwork set of scales with the sun and moon. Librans are all about balance, and this tattoo represents it perfectly. 

An amazing traditional tattoo from Mark Helstrom. The scales carry a broken heart, and a pile of full  and happy hearts. A really interesting concept. 

A lovely colourful piece from Alicia Quinby. The detail in this is superb. The scales don’t deem go be holding anything in this piece, so it seems to be more of a general concept than a specific one for the client. 

This is an incredible tattoo! A Libra tarot style card held up by a hand. Stunning work from Jeste Gloria. 

This one is a really interesting piece of work from Gerardo Galvan. It’s almost abstract with the scales popping out into the foreground. Some lovely colours used here too. 

Which one was your favourite? We'd love to hear from you, especially if you’ve created some Libra-themed tattoos yourself, so why not leave us a comment in the box below? If you’re looking for some Cohesive Bandage for Tattoos to bulk up the width of your grip then look no further, head over to our website to get hold of some today! 

Love Toni 

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