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Marvelous Makeup Tattoos | SPMU Dry Heal Microblading Serum

This one’s for all you makeup lovers and beauty fanatics out there! If you’re a die hard make up fan, then chances are you’ll have noticed just how much make up and beauty products have advanced over the past decade. Make up artists are becoming coveted celebrities thanks to Instagram  and YouTube, and the skill level of some of the MUA's out there is literally insane. Gone are the days of Sun-Shimmer and clear mascara! It’s all about contouring and strobing nowadays, and it takes a very skilled hand to do so. 

So, for those who are heavily into makeup and creating unique and interesting looks for themselves, their friends, or their customers, the perfect tattoo idea is here. Plenty of ladies, and males are paying homage to their favourite craft in the form of a makeup themed tattoo. What a better way to show your love for makeup artistry than to have your best tools or favourite product tattooed onto you?
As stockists of SPMU Dry Heal microblading serum, we appreciate all art forms from tattooing to makeup. We’ve found some marvellous makeup themed tattoos that we're sure you’ll really love, so why not check them out here?!

First up, a gorgeous makeup themed tattoo with some really beautiful colours. 

We're loving this stomach piece, featuring an array of makeup products. The leaves offset this tattoo really nicely. 

A beautiful lipstick and rose tattoo. A classic rouge coloured lipstick will always be a timeless shade. Created by Travis Ellis-MacDonald. 

A tattoo perfect for a ‘Makeup Lover’. This bright and colourful piece is really stunning and clean. Dome by Annah tattoo. 

This tattoo is incredible! An elaborate makeup themed piece featuring a beautiful clamshell style makeup compact. The colours in this are totally beautiful. An excellent piece done by Jackie Damski.

This traditional tattoo is gorgeous. Featuring and old school style lady looking into a makeup compact mirror. Perfect for a makeup fan! 

A more realistic style piece done by the super talented Angel Lopez Souza. A black and grey hand holding an array of beauty products. We love the red nails, what a beautiful touch! 
These are just some of the stunning makeup themed tattoos we’ve encountered, and we'd love to see more! If you’ve created one then why not leave us a message in the comment section below? Don’t forget, if you’re a microblading artist and are in need of some SPMU Dry Heal microblading serum to sell on to your clients, then look no further. We stock this best-selling SPMU aftercare over on our web store, so get hold of yours today! 

Love Toni

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