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Mean Girls Tattoos that are So Fetch! | Pink Tattoo Ink


April 30th marked the 15th anniversary of the release of the hit noughties movie Mean Girls (can you believe it?!).  Mean Girls is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most popular teen drama movie of all time, with it's adoring fans being able to recite just about every line of the film (is butter a carb?), and with so many hilariously funny characters and a great story-line, it's not surprising that this chick flick was such a massive hit, and it's creator Tina Fey has been celebrating its anniversary and reflecting on the success of such a brilliant film. 

There are so many notable characters in Mean Girls that it's hard to pick just one favourite.  Cady Heron is of course up there as a solid favourite, but we love to hate Regina George, and of course who could forget Karen and her one-liners!  We're obsessed with Aaron Samuels and his perfect hair, and Damien is probably one of the best BFFs you could ever have, it's so hard to decide who we love the most.  

Join us while we revel in the nostalgia of one of the best chick flicks of all time, and check out these incredible Mean Girls tattoos that are so fetch!

First up, a super cute design from Dolly Tattoos.  'On Wednesdays we wear pink'. This is obviously one of the most important rules for the plastics, and if you don't abide, then you can't sit with us!

'On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was'.  October 3rd is still widely celebrated every year on Instagram where the Mean Girls memes come out in force. Artist unknown. 

'You go Glen Coco!' - We wish candy cane-grams were a thing here.  Artist unknown. 

This trad 'Burn Book' piece is really cool.   A simple but cute tattoo! Artist unknown. 

'Girls who eat their feelings'.  This is a gorgeous piece featuring all of the junk food!  Which crowd would you sit with? Artist unknown. 

We LOVE this Janice tattoo done by the incredible Lucy Blue tattoo.  It's definitely one of our favourite Mean Girls tattoos. 

Another Burn Book featuring candy canes! Two for you Glen Coco! Artist unknown. 

There are literally so many amazing Mean Girls tattoos out there that we couldn't possibly show them all.  We'd love to see some more in the form of character portraits, so if you have a magnificent Mean Girls tattoo then we'd love to hear form you - just pop a comment in the box below!  If you're looking to create some Mean Girls tattoos then why not check out the range of pink tattoo inks that you can buy over on our webstore?

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  • Antonia McLoughlin