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Mesmerising Mermaid Tattoos | Best tattoo ink online

Mermaids are beautiful, mysterious, alluring, and an excellent subject matter for tattoos! Typically portrayed as half woman and half fish (with the upper half of the body being the human half), mermaids are fascinating mythical creatures who are known for their beauty and prowess. 

Often said to lure sailors to their deaths, mermaids are known as the sirens of the sea with beautiful singing voices. They coax sailors astray from their route and into rocky waters (or so it is said).  Their beauty is a deadly distraction which guarantees the demise of innocent sailors. 

Given their fascinating features which often include flowing locks of long hair, shimmering scales, and astounding beauty, it’s not surprising that mermaids are a popular subject matter for tattoos, especially given the endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the colour scheme and giving the mermaid her own unique look. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the best tattoo inks online, you’re sure to find the perfect selection of colours that would work perfectly when creating mermaid tattoos. From Radiant Colors, to Fusion and Eternal tattoo ink, there are plenty of gorgeous hues to choose from.  Why not take a look at some of the mesmerising mermaid tattoos that we’ve encountered?

We love this sea-themed sleeve done by Kamil Mocet. It’s a really interesting style that borders on abstract in some places, with a beautiful flame haired mermaid sitting peacefully as the storm unfolds behind her.

A gorgeous pastel haired mermaid from Erin Storm. This is a stunning piece that incorporates different elements of the sea into it, from pearls, to starfish and shells. 

Done by Mario Prado, this really old school piece is a lovely example of the more traditional ‘sailor Jerry’ style mermaid.  A great tattoo for a sailor. 

A stunning neo traditional Little Mermaid style piece done  by Elifeleth Ortega Leal. 

A really unique and interesting blackwork piece by Gobbo. This sombre piece evokes a sadness as the mermaid clutches her knees in sorrow. 

We absolutely love this super clean neo traditional style mermaid from. Her turquoise locks are stunning, and the ship crown is a beautiful touch. 

There are so many amazing mermaid tattoos out there, and we'd love to see more. Don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like to share yours with us!  There are so many endless colour opportunities when it comes to mermaids, so why not head over to our online store where you can check out the best tattoo inks online and find some of the gorgeous mermaidy hues you’ve been looking for! 

Love Toni

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