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Mind-blowing Negative Space Tattoos! | Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink from Intenze


Negative space in tattoos may well be literally the absence of ink, however, it's often the most effective and stunning method that can transform your tattoo,  Negative space can provide a stark contrast, especially when placed next to black ink, and it can also create optical illusions that trick the eye, making you look twice!  Most negative space tattoos rely on black tattoo ink in order to work, and we're obsessed with some of the blackwork tattoos that artists are creating at the moment, using negative space as a beautiful means to really make their work pop.


Some tattoo artists portray the image of a silhouette in their work which is the focal piece of the tattoo, others create huge geometric pieces which use negative spaces to form patterns within the tattoo.  It takes a lot of skill to create negative space pieces, and it's essential to have an eye for detail. 

We're really impressed by this type of work, and wanted to share some of the beautiful pieces that we've come across.  For those who like their blackwork extra black, we stock Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink from Intenze, so if you're thinking of creating some brilliant negative space tattoos then you've come to the right place!  For now, let's check out these mind-blowing negative space tattoos! 


First up, a stunning old school tiger piece. The negative space here is cleverly used to create the linework of the tiger.



An absolutely stunning sea-creature themed sleeve featuring negative spacing throughout.  This one is so detailed and intricate.  It takes an awful lot of skill to create something this beautiful! 


This geometric back piece is really striking.  The tessellating pieces look really cool and it's particularly clever how the pieces get smaller and more fade the further down the back they get. 


This piece is really eye-catching and the simplicity of the 'white' bird is really stunning. The contrast is beautiful here, and it's a great example of the perfect negative space tattoo. 


A wonderful blackwork chest piece that features the use of negative space within the pattern that frames the body of the crow.  This is beautiful, and must have taken a long time to do, as it's such an intricate design. 

So there you have it, just some of the most mind-blowing negative space tattoos done by some super-talented artists!  If you're looking to create some negative space designs, then why not check out our huge range of black inks online.  We'd highly recommend the Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink from Intenze for those who want a really dark black to create the perfect contrast!  If you've created any negative space tattoos then don't forget to leave us a message in the comments section! 


Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin