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Monsters Inc tattoos | Talens Drawing Ink

Halloween isn’t just about the goriest, scariest beings, monsters, and murderers that feature in spooky horror movies. There has to be something for the kids too, and Monsters Inc is the perfect example of a movie that feature monsters of the not so scary variety! Albeit, there are some rather strange characters that are far from normal (who you probably wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of..  just in case!), but for the most part, the monsters featured in Monsters Inc are either cuddly, fluffy, kind, and just downright adorable! 

Although it was a Disney Pixar animated movie,  probably aimed at youngsters, Monsters Inc is most definitely a film that’s suitable for all ages and generations, and it teaches valuable lessons about friendship and trust. Mike and Sully are the hilarious lovable monsters who meet little girl Boo on their quest to succeed in their roles at Monsters Incorporated.  It’s not surprising that such a brilliant film with a great plot and such likeable characters result in tonnes of fans getting Monsters Inc tattoos! 

We’ve came across some amazing Monsters Inc pieces of body art that are perfect in every way, in a variety of different styles. Why not check them out with us? 

We love this adorable piece from @coolcoolpikka – featuring the main 3 characters, their childlike charm in this tremendous piece is just lovely.

A super cute Mike and Sully tattoo. Their likeness is captured perfectly here. We think this person was definitely a true Monsters Inc fan!

A gorgeous little Boo tattoo. Dressed up as a monster and trick or treating, this is the perfect tattoo for Halloween.

A lovely realistic style piece of Sully and Boo. The relationship the blossoms between this unlikely pair is just touching.

This tattoo featuring the grouchy old monster Roz is amazing! Roz may not be one of the main characters, but she’s certainly famous for reminding Mike Wazowsky that she’s always watching him! 

This gorgeous Mike Wazowsky piece from Jordan Baker is superb. His neo traditional tattoos are always spot on, and we love this one! 

Lastly, this black and grey realistic Sully tattoo is insane! The detail here is outstanding, and just goes to show that Disney tattoos definitely don’t have to be full colour!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these Monsters Inc tattoos as much as we have. These monsters may not be scary or spooky like in your typical monster themed films, but they’re certainly celebrated by many, and we absolutely love them.  If you’ve created any Monsters Inc tattoos then why not sent them over to us? Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a new coil machine then why not check out our range of Micky Bee tattoo machines online? 
Love Toni 

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