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Movie Inspired Tattoos this Christmas | Radiant Signature Tattoo Ink Set

One of the best things about Christmas is the Christmas films that we get to watch all throughout December!  There's nothing better than sitting in your pyjamas with a mug of hot chocolate singing along to Love Actually (one of the best Christmas films of all time!). There are so many amazing Christmas movies to choose from, including Elf, Nightmare before Christmas, Muppet's Christmas Carol, and Die Hard (which some would say is a debatable/borderline Christmas film).  

Some Christmas film fans have commemorated their love for their favourite Christmas movie with an all-year round tattoo so that they can marvel at their favourite festive character for all eternity!  As a supplier of the Radiant Signature Tattoo Ink Set, we're huge fans of all things tattoos, especially when it comes to Christmas, so why not check out these amazing Christmas movie-inspired tattoos to really get you in the Christmas spirit?
Elf is probably one of the top Christmas films out there.  He's loveable, and he's hilarious.  Will Ferrell did an excellent job of playing Buddy the rather excitable Elf, and we absolutely love this tattoo of him!

Some will say it's a Halloween film, others will say it's a Christmas film - most will say it's both!  A beautiful black and grey Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Another gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo.  The lovely Sally.  This is an incredibly beautiful tattoo. 

Another highly favoured Christmas film - The Grinch!  This mean old character seems to have a really big following!  Love him or hate him, this tattoo of the Grinch is perfect!
A personal favourite - The Muppets Christmas Carol.  This is one of the best Christmas films to ever exist in the history of Christmas and the artist has captured each character wonderfully in this amazing tattoo. Bah Humbug!
An iconic series of Christmas films that never seem to get old! Home Alone is one of the most-loved Christmas films around.  This Macauley Culkin tattoo (Kevin McCallister) is brilliant. 

Taken from the Minion's movie, this Christmas themed Minion is gorgeous!  These adorable little characters have captured the hearts of literally everyone, and we love them so much.  A lovely tattoo. 
So there you have it, some incredible Christmas Movie tatoos!  If you've created any Christmas Movie tattoos that you'd like to share with us then please go ahead and drop us a comment in the section below.  It's great hearing from you guys! If you're wanting to treat yourself this Christmas then why not take a look at the Radiant Signature Tattoo Ink Set which comprises of any 12 1oz Radiant tattoo inks (pick and mix whichever colours you like!).  Available now on our website. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin