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MTS Tattoo Balm: the ultimate post-tattoo product


Are you a professional tattoo artist looking for a natural tattoo product that can see you through the entire tattoo process, from start to finish? Look no further than MTS Tattoo Balm! This amazing tattoo product is a must-have for any artist’s kit and will take your clients’ tattoo experience to the next level.

In this blog, we'll cover everything you need to know about our fantastic range of tattoo balm: a tattoo process butter and post-tattoo care product.

MTS Tattoo Balm, a tattoo process butter and post-tattoo care product


Before: Tattoo Skin Preparation

MTS Tattoo Balm is perfect for use during the skin preparation stage of a tattoo. Its unique blend of natural ingredients, including mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and vitamin E oil, helps to deeply moisturise and nourish the skin prior to tattooing.

Preparing the skin properly before a tattoo helps ensure artists have a smooth, even canvas to work on when applying their stencil and starting to tattoo.

During: Tattoo Process Butter

MTS Tattoo Balm is also ideal for use during the tattooing process. Its rich, butter-like texture makes it easy to apply and helps keep the area supple while the skin undergoes the rigours of the tattoo itself.

This stage is very important to the overall success of the tattoo. Each time the needle penetrates the skin, it essentially creates a mini puncture wound. Applying a thin layer of balm over the area can help protect the dermis and prevent any major scarring or skin changes from occurring.

If you are a tattoo artist looking to use this product throughout the tattooing process, the larger 150ml and 250ml tin sizes are well-suited to your needs.

After: Post Tattoo Care

Finally, MTS Tattoo Balm is an excellent post-tattoo care product. Formulated with natural ingredients, its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin and reduce redness or irritation that could occur in the days and weeks following a tattoo. Plus, the natural formula doesn't clog pores, making this one of the best balms for healing a tattoo on the market currently.

The essential nourishment it provides to tattooed areas helps maintain the vibrancy of new ink and keeps it looking its best for years to come. With MTS Tattoo Balm, you can be sure that your clients get a truly exceptional tattoo experience with professional quality results that last. 

MTS Tattoo Balm and tattoo aftercare


We recommend our 15ml and 50ml balms for use as a post-tattoo care product, especially for small and medium-size tattoos. These balms are conveniently available to purchase as single tins or in larger studio packs, so you can keep a supply handy in your studio at all times.

The Ultimate Tattoo Care Product

A good tattoo process butter is one of the most important products in any professional tattoo artist's kit, and MTS Tattoo Balm is able to do it all! It combines the power of natural ingredients with a rich, butter-like texture to provide care from start to finish.

Not only does it make the initial preparation process easier and more comfortable for your clients, but its post-tattoo care properties ensure a quick healing time.

Did we mention that it also smells amazing? We currently stock MTS Tattoo Balm in three amazing scents: Original (a clean and fresh scent), Cookies and Cream, and Cotton Candy.

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  • Sarah Crookes