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New Sponsored Artist alert! Welcome, Craig Startin | Angelo Nicolella Tin from Radiant Tattoo Ink


This month we've welcomed another insanely talented tattoo artist to our Sponsored Artist Pro Team, and we're incredibly happy to have him on board.  We're giving a warm welcome to realism artist Craig Startin.
Based in Lichfield, Craig works from and owns Big Will's Tattoo Studio where he has a team of talented artists working alongside him. Craig has always loved drawing, and his tattooing career began purely by accident after he helped a friend on a busy day in his tattoo shop when his apprentice had let him down. Craig's friend was so impressed with the way he could create his stencils, he asked him to train as an artist - and the rest is history! 
After training under his friend, Craig eventually decided to go it alone focusing heavily on realism and portrait work. Not only does he excel at realism, but he also produces some incredible 'avant garde' style work which often consists of abstract portraits with polygon shapes and geometric patterns incorporated into them.
We're really grateful to have Craig on our team, and we're excited to share his stunning work.  If like Craig, you're a fan of realism tattoos then we're sure you'll love the Angelo Nicolella Tin from Radiant Tattoo Ink which features a stunning selection of flesh tone inks, perfect for creating faces. And, if realism is right up your street, then why not check out more of Craig's incredible work right here!..
First up, an amazing Obi Wan Kenobi portrait. The level of detail in this piece is just stunning, and shows the sheer talent that Craig possesses as an artist. 
A younger Obi Wan Kenobi, played by Ewen McGregor. Yet another brilliantly executed tattoo.  
This amazing leg sleeve was done by Craig at Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester earlier this year. We love everything about it, from the placement of each piece, to the colours and geometric shapes incorporated into it. 
A collection of legends that Craig has tattooed.  Stan Lee, Samuel L Jackson, and of course Sir David Attenborough.  We can see why Craig's customers continually go to him for portrait tattoos, and are amazed by Craig's sheer talent. 
Not only does Craig excel at realistic pieces, but his avant garde / portrait fusion pieces are absolutely stunning.  The thought process behind a piece like this is really clever, and the geometric shapes and abstract colours look great. 
Another wonderful Star Wars piece in the form of Darth Maul.  Brilliant work!
This one is definitely a favourite of ours.  An amazing Wiz Khalifa piece.  Craig has captured his likeness perfectly. 
Last but not least, another eye-catching geometric piece, featuring Pink.  A wonderfully put-together piece that combines realism with geometry. We love Craig's abstract work!

We hope you've enjoyed seeing some of Craig Startin's fabulous work.  We can't wait to see more of his stunning tattoos in the near future.  Make sure you keep an eye on Craig's Instagram page where you can stay up to date with any tattoo conventions and guest spots he has planned in the future. Go ahead and give him a follow at @craigstartintattooart. Don't forget, if you're a realism artist and are looking for the perfect selection of flesh tone inks then look no further!  Head over to our online store where you can get hold of the Angelo Nicolella Tin from Radiant Tattoo Ink. 



Love Toni

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