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One man's comical tattoo tribute to KFC... | Critical Tattoo Power Supplies online


In light of the recent KFC crisis (which now more or less appears to be over), I wanted to have a look at a rather funny article which I came across recently about an Australian guy who decided to have a KFC themed tribute immortalised on his ribs.  Given the uporar that KFC has recently experienced, I thought it was quite fitting to tell the story of Tom Fletcher, who put the words 'Zinger Stacker' into Google Translate for the Arabic spelling of the word so he could have it tattooed across the side of his ribs.  He uploaded the photo to Facebook, and it has now amassed more than 10,000 likes. 

Tom's reasoning for the tattoo was a rather light-hearted and clearly comical one, and his hilarious caption on his photo illustrated his sense of humor (and love for fried chicken), as he exclaimed 'Growing up my parents have told me to chase my dreams and never let go of the things I love the most. After dealing with heart break after heart break I soon learnt my one and only true love is your zinger stacker.'

Now, I'm sure a lot of people have had light-hearted tribute tattoos to things that they have an intense love for!  I've seen people get all kinds of different food themed tattoos which portray the person's love for that particular snack, and I think it's hilarious, and Tom Fletcher isn't the only person to want to cement his love for chicken on his body.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Critical Tattoo Power Supplies online, we love to see quirky little tribute tattoos, so we wanted to check out some other hilarious fried-chicken themed tattoos that we've came across!  Check them out here..


An important and bold statement, and a brilliant little chicken nugget tattoo from artist Dan Kavanagh. 'Nugs not drugs' is a great philosophy to have. 
I love this chicken drumstick style piece from Marty Fletcher.  Another important message from his client portrayed on his chicken tribute tattoo!
A super-sweet one from Hollie West.  This personified chicken nugget is as cute as can be!  I love how simple yet charming this piece is. 
'Nugg Life' from Lucy Blue.  This one is a brilliantly done tattoo, and I absolutely love the little pot of ketchup incorporated into this. 
This is an amazing piece of work from Tiffer Wright.  A tribute to a pet called Nugget. I really love neo-traditional style tattoos, and I'm a big fan of the colour scheme used here too. 
A hilarious tattoo done by Scott Crook!  I love the Colonel's expression here as he rides off on his penny farthing bicycle equipped with fried chicken to hand.  
Lastly, a tiny little chicken leg piece by Paul Overall.  This one is really cute with a Kawaii style look to it.  A lovely little tribute to this person's favourite snack. 
If you've created a comical tribute tattoo (whether it's food based or not), we'd really like to hear about it. You can leave a reply in the comment section below!  For anyone looking for a new power supply from a trusted brand, you can get hold of Critical Tattoo Power Supplies online at our web store, where you'll find a huge selection of the best Critical Tattoo products. 
Love Toni...
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