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Pastel Tattoo Ink: Add Some Colour to a Spring Tattoo


If you are looking to add a pop of colour to your tattoos and want something that is perfect for the spring season, then pastel colours are the way to go! Pastel tattoo ink can be ideal for tattoos depicting flowers, landscapes or other natural scenes. A pop of pastel quickly and easily brings an element of lightness and freshness to any design, making them a great colour choice for a spring tattoo. 

Stand out from the crowd and take a look at our selection of pastel tattoo ink—it is sure to have the perfect shade for you! With great options from Radiant Colors and Fusion Ink, you will be able to create a spring tattoo that is truly unique. 

Deer spring tattoo with pastel colour set

Deer tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Jessica Delaforce (@jessicadelaforcetattoo)

Small pastel tattoo

Small pastel tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Doris Lam (@dorisu_tattoo)

Pastel tattoo ink also works well for artists looking to create watercolour-style tattoos. These often use very little to no black ink with limited outlining, in order to create a painterly effect. The beautiful soft hues of pastel ink help create a unique and delicate design every time.

Radiant pastel colour set

Radiant Ink - Pastel Colours Set

This pastel tattoo ink set from Radiant Colors contains several different pastel shades, including mint, lollipop purple, and sprinkle pink. Available to buy as the complete set or as individual colours in a variety of sizes, you should be able to find what you need to add the final touches to a blossoming spring tattoo.

Hammerhead pastel tattoo

Hammerhead pastel tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Noemi (@noemi_tattoo)

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting a pastel tattoo. The first is that pastel colours can be harder to work with than other tattoo inks. As a result, it is important to find an experienced tattoo artist who knows how to use them properly. Secondly, because pastels are lighter in colour, they may not show up as well on darker skin tones. Plus, no matter your skin tone, pastel tattoo ink may appear to fade quicker than richer tones over time. Although, pieces such as this beautiful pastel flower tattoo still look stunning when they are complete.

Pastel floral tattoo

Pastel flower tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Sammie Jones (@sammiejonestattoo)

Fusion pastel tattoo ink

Fusion Ink - Pastel Colour Set 

Alternatively, this pastel colour set from Fusion Ink features five different pastel shades. From soft mint and pastel pink to lemon drop and blue mist, this ink set provides tattoo artists with the means to create a beautiful spring tattoo. As the evenings continue to get lighter and as the sun starts to shine that little bit longer, add some soft pastel shades to your ink collection today!

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  • Sarah Crookes