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Perfect Palm Tree Tattoos | Eternal Keep it Wet

Summer is here (finally!) and as far as we can tell, it looks like it might be here to stay.  One of the most beautiful trees that really represents summer is the Palm Tree.  Although they aren't native to the UK, if you're heading to a sunny holiday destination this year, then chances are you'll be surrounded by beautiful Palm Trees, whether you're on the beach or by the pool, or just walking down the road!
Palm Trees make for beautiful tattoos, as even though they tend to look similar in appearance and colour, they're pretty versatile and can be well-represented by a number of different styles.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Eternal Keep it Wet, we're really keen to see some summery tattoos given all the sunshine we've had recently, so why not check out these perfect Palm Tree tattoos with us!...
First up, a gorgeous palm tree scene that consists of palm tree silhouettes against a tropically colourful beach background.  If this doesn't want to make you go on holiday then we don't know what will!
A really cute old-school tattoo featuring some lovely hues and a shrimp in front of a palm tree!  We're not sure on the significance of the shrimp, but it's such a cool traditional piece, and we absolutely love it. 
A tropical beach and sea themed sleeve.  This works really well in black and grey, and the blacked out palm trees are a beautiful touch!
A 'Palm' tattoo!  This palm tree on the hand is a really clean and solid piece.  No doubt it hurt quite a lot, but it must have been worth it for the excellent results. 
We're huge fans of this colourful traditional piece featuring a pretty palm tree and flamingo lilo.  The epitome of summer. 
This blackwork piece is incredible. We love how the coconuts have been replaced by skulls here.  A really cool piece.
A remarkable piece (artist unknown). We love this traditional panther climbing a palm tree. Palm trees always look great when done in an old-school style, and we're sure we have Sailor Jerry to thank for this! 
These are just a few of the gorgeous palm tree tattoos that we've came across, and we'd really like to see more - so if you've done any palm tree tattoos that you'd like to show us then make sure you get in touch in the comment section below!  Get your hands on Eternal Keep it Wet over at our online store if you're wanting to refresh your inks and keep them as good as new!  



Love Toni



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  • Antonia McLoughlin