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Points to Ponder Before Having Your First Tattoo


Everybody gets too hyped up when getting their very first tattoo. Most of the people who get inked for the first time have this feeling of a fire burning inside them or a feeling of their blood rushing through their veins. Some might even feel butterflies in their stomach. Having your very first tattoo gives you mixed emotions – a feeling of excitement, nervousness, happiness and liberation.

Tattoos have become part of the modern fashion. What used to be a taboo has now become a craze and for some it even became an obsession. Of course, there will always be some people who regret getting their first tattoos because of different reasons. This is why you need to remember the three main tips I am about to tell you. Read through before booking an appointment with your chosen tattoo artist.

1. Think. Think, think and think again. This is something that will remain on your skin for a very very VERY long time, so you have to think about your design, its placement and the person you choose to do it for you. Take your time and do not rush things. Getting a tattoo is painful, but bearable. The amount of pain will depend on the part of your body, and your pain tolerance. Imagine pricking your skin with a needle and scratching it using that needle. As a first timer, avoid putting your tattoos in the most sensitive parts of your body. As much as possible, keep your face out of this, too. If you want to test your pain tolerance, you can always start with a small tattoo. You don't want to end up fainting in the middle of your tattoo session, or worse having an unfinished tattoo. I guess everybody wants to have a perfect memory of having their first tattoo, so try not to panic, because it might ruin the moment, or you might end up having your most embarrassing moment.
2. Research. This is important – the researching part. There's a lot of things to research about. You start with the design, placement, inks, tattoo shop, tattoo artist, and the most important of all... the price. Looking for the right design might be hard. This could take days or weeks, some take years to find a perfect design they want. That tattoo will remain on your skin for a long time, so don't rush it. Be sure of what you really want and don’t be deceived by your temporary feeling. Remember that feelings are temporary and tattoos are forever. You must also research the shop and the artist you want to entrust your "virgin" skin with. Try to search whether or not they have the right equipment to get it properly and safely done. As much as possible, make sure that you see them opening a new needle for you. Then comes the price. Some might offer cheaper services, there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't sacrifice your safety and your tattoo's quality. Unless this is a world-class shop or artist and someone close to you vouch for them, then go. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions.

3. Commit. Follow your tattoo care instructions. You can use some Tattoo Go products for this like their Aftercare Lotion and Aftercare Soap to help you with your tattoo's healing process.


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  • Matthew Nelson