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Romantic Tattoos to get you in the Valentine's Mood! | Buy Ink-Eeze online


So, it's February, it's the season of love, and Valentine's Day is nearly upon is!  For many, February the 14th is a time to profess your undying love to your your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, an unrequited love, or your group of best friends who you love unconditionally!  What a better way to show your love for someone than to get a beautiful tattoo that shows just how much you love them?  Love comes in all different forms, and at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Ink-Eeze online, we're suckers for a good Valentine's themed tattoo, so we've picked some of the best, most romantic, and loving tattoos we could find!... Check them out!


A stunning little piece from Stephanie Melbourne!  This Rockabilly couple look totally in love <3 


'Amor Eterno' from Robert Euan. What a beautiful tribute to eternal love.  Whoever this tattoo was intended for, it's absolutely perfect. 


One of my personal favourites, by Lucy Blue. You can never be alone with Pizza!


An endearing piece from Benjamin Laukis! Love or lust?


Self-love is super important.  I'm a huge fan of this heart piece by Paula Castle. She's done some other really cool self-love themed tattoos that you should definitely check out! 


A beautiful pet-inspired tattoo by one of my favourite tattoo artists, Tilly Dee.  Last year I bought my dog a Valentine's Day card, and I'll probably do the same this year! 


A beautiful couple whose love is endless and undying! Gomez and Morticia Addams, by Daryl Watson. 


Super-cute Robin Hood Disney piece from Ben Carlisle!  Some heart-melting stuff!


Last but not least, one of my absolute favourites from mega-talented Georgiie Gibbs!  A beautiful depiction of the Lovers tarot card, how romantic!


So there you have it, some beautiful and romantic tattoos, perfect for Valentine's Day!! Whether you'll be showering your loved one with chocolates and flowers, or sitting in on your own with a takeaway, we're sure you'll really love these tattoos!  Make sure you check out our website where you can buy Ink-Eeze online for any of your lovely tattoos. 


Love Toni...


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  • Antonia McLoughlin