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Sensational St Patrick's Day Tattoos | MTS Green Soap back in stock

Sunday March 17th is St Patrick's day. A highly celebrated day in Ireland which commemorates Irish culture in remembrance of St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron Saints, St Patrick's day is always a cheerful day, and we love it!  St Patrick's day celebrations certainly aren’t limited to the Irish, with people across the globe celebrating this jolly day, but the day is especially celebrated in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, where St Patrick's Day is a Bank Holiday (which is even more reason to celebrate). 

There’s plenty of music, dancing, good, and of course Guinness! You re sure to see lots of traditional Irish things over St Patrick’s day, and it’s a great reason for a party!  Some people even show their love for their Irish roots with a tattoo, and of course at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where our MTS green soap is now back in stock, we think that’s a brilliant idea! 

This weekend to mark St Patrick's Day, we wanted to share some brilliant Irish-inspired tattoos out there! If you'll be celebrating Paddy's day on Sunday then why not raise a glass and take a look at these wonderful tattoos?
A four leaved clover - the ultimate symbol of luck in Ireland!  We hope St Patrick's day brings you lots of good luck and fortune.  This is a great little piece, and the green grip cover is the perfect choice for this Irish themed tattoo. Artist unknown.  
A new-school style Leprechaun.  This jolly fellow looks great with his green outfit and ginger beard.  The epitome of an Irish legend, he naturally holds a pot of gold which can be found at the end of the rainbow. Artist unknown. 
'Eire'.  A gorgeous traditional Shamrock piece done by Nick Boley.  This simple bold piece is just lovely. The word 'Eire' comes from the old Irish word Eiru, who was a Gaelic Goddess. 
Another mini clover tattoo, of course with 4 leaves!  This is lovely placement for a tattoo, and a great reminder of Irish roots.  Artist unknown. 
Last but not least, a wonderful old school piece in amongst some other really cool 1 hitters. 'Good Luck'. The perfect Irish tattoo.

So there, you have it, some incredible St Patrick's day and Irish themed tattoos to get you in the mood for the celebrations on Sunday.  We’re sure plenty of Guinness will be consumed this weekend and we hope you have a wonderful time if you’re celebrating St Patrick’s day! Don’t forget to get in tough and show us your St Patrick's day tattoos if you have any. We’d love to see them! As always, make sure you check out our store where our Green soap is now back in stock!



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  • Antonia McLoughlin