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Snowglobe tattoos this cold January | Dynamic Heavy White


Christmas may be over, and songs about snow are no longer dominating our radios, but the threat of snowfall is still very prevalent in many parts of the UK. Each week we’ve seen numerous reports of a snowy and icy January, and we’re preparing ourselves for the impending snowfall. 

We love the snow and it’s glistening whiteness that looks picturesque, especially a fresh blanket of snow that is completely untouched. Whether it actually will snow is another question (and even then, the possibility of it sticking rather than becoming a sleety mush is pretty slim), but we can only hope for a white January! 

In the meantime, why not check out these sensational snow globe tattoos so that you can get your snow fix here without getting cold?!

First up, a lovely snowglobe featuring a beautiful London skyline. Although the snow is not present in this tattoo, we love the idea that once the snow globe is shaken, beautiful flakes of snow will fall down on the city. Lovely work from Moira Ramone.

A gorgeous neo traditional style snow globe tattoo that contains some stunning snow capped mountains. We love the amount of detail in this piece and think that the pink flowers are a lovely touch. Artist unknown. 

Done by thiefhands, this night time snow globe tattoo is incredible. The artist has even captured the detail of the tiny little snow flakes on the bottom of the globe, waiting to be shook. Amazing work. 

More beautiful snow capped mountains in this traditional style snow globe piece. What a better way to marvel over the snow than from the comfort and warmth of your own home? Artist unknown. 

This lovely piece by rebekatattoos is insane.  The gorgeous scene inside the snow globe features some Eskimo children playing outside their igloos with their husky dogs. How cute! 

A lovely log cabin scene featuring some wooden skis. This is a great piece if you’re a fan of skiing but aren’t able to visit the snowy slopes all year round. Lovely work.

Last but not least, we really love this gorgeous grande house scene that features some rather pretty glistening icicles. An absolutely stunning snow globe piece from Steffi McKee.

Why not get yourself a snow globe tattoo if you’re a fan of snow and wish that it was there all year round? It’s a great way to feel close to the winter months, regardless of the weather outside. For any tattoo artists who are planning on creating a snow themed piece, why not check out Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo ink? It’s the perfect ink for highlighting those glimmering snowy tattoos! 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin