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Some Great Friday the 13th Flashes!


Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and within the tattoo community, Friday the 13th is a big occasion! Because Friday the 13th is so closely identified with the tattoo community, it's often a huge day for tattoo artists. Tattoo artists offer a limited range of set flash that is often loosely related on the number "13" or has some type of lucky element to it, and "Friday 13th tattoos" have become extremely popular.

Because £13 is such a low price for a tattoo, many artists will charge £31 for their Friday 13th designs, which seems much more reasonable!

Although the number 13 is considered unlucky by some in mainstream society, with many hotels and large buildings refusing to have a ‘floor 13', it is perceived as the total opposite of unlucky in the tattoo industry, and it is a popular tattoo number.

It's unclear why it's considered a lucky number for tattooists, but some believe that it's because tattooists may see themselves as different from the rest of society, therefore the unlucky 13 rule does not apply to them.


Here are some examples of Friday the 13th Flash sheets!

By lockupthewolves__


By needlegardens


By Jasmine Nicole


By Kyle Jeffas

Although the number 13 doesn't appear to be losing its "unlucky" reputation anytime soon, if you're a tattoo fan, it's a great time of year, because Friday 13th tattoos are often the greatest little additions to your body, and at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we would love to see your Friday the 13th flash sheets! Tag us in yours on our Instagram


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  • Caitlin Moore