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Sponsored Artist appreciation - Ben Carlisle | Cheyenne Tattoo Machines


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we have a lot of exceptionally talented tattoo artists on our sponsored artist pro team, each one with a unique and brilliant style, and today we wanted to talk about one of the artists who's really killing it in the tattoo industry at the moment.  Ben Carlisle, who works at Devil in the Detail, Stoke-on-Trent has been one of our sponsored artists for almost a year now, and we're really glad to have joined forces with him!  Ben specialises in hyper-realism; the majority of his work being really colourful and detailed, and he has a knack for creating some incredible cartoon and Disney themed pieces.  His work is literally breathtaking, and definitely worth shouting about - so we wanted to take a look at some of Ben's recent creations.

Ben's work instantly stood out to us.  We noticed a common theme in the tattoos he was creating, with tonnes of his customers seeking him out for his hyper-realistic style.  It's really cool when an artist gets to a stage in their career where customers specifically come to them for a certain style, and it shows just how much Ben's work has really resonated with people, and although he does all kinds of excellent tattoos, he's recognised for having a particular and unique expertise that his customers really love, and this is a great indicator of Ben's talent as an artist. He's definitely earned his reputation for the work that he does.  Ben also uses Cheyenne Tattoo Machines, which we're a particular fan of. 

Here are some of our favourite tattoos that Ben has done recently:


We're in love with this Dalmation piece by Ben, and particularly like the way he's incorporated the little dog in the foreground as well. 


This Little Mermaid piece is beautifully done.  Ben makes a lot of Disney tattoos, and this one is exceptional. 


Perfect for all your Motörhead fans out there! This Lemmy tribute is a wonderful piece of work.  It's great to see some of Ben's black and grey work too.


This Stitch piece is super clean and bold! We love how Ben uses a white outline on some of his Disney pieces to really set them off and make them stand out.  It's a great touch!


This one is a definite favourite of ours - Ben's take on Vlad the Impaler.  We absolutely love the hyper-realistic style, and the amount of detail, and use of colour in this tattoo is phenomenal. 


So there you have it - some of Ben Carlisle's incredible tattoos!  If you aren't already following Ben's work and would like to see more of it, then check out his Instagram page @ben_carlisle_tattooist - you won't be disappointed!  Make sure you head over to our online store to check out our range of Cheyenne Tattoo Machines as well, and as always, don't forget to leave us a comment bellow!



Love Toni



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