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Sponsored Artist of the month - Georgiie Gibbs | Radiant Tattoo Inks


Since the start of this year, we've been running our 'Sponsored Artist of the month' feature where we've focused on one individual artist on a monthly basis, having a more in depth look into their work, giving us the chance to show appreciation for the brilliant tattoos they do, whilst getting to know them a little more. This month, we wanted to talk about an artist whose work we've always been a huge fan of...Meet our Sponsored Artist Georgiie Gibbs! 

We've followed Georgiie's work for quite some time now, and we absolutely love her colourful neo-traditional pieces.  Georgiie was one of our first Sponsored Artists, working from Buzz Tattoo studio in Lancing at the time where she'd been for over 2 years. She started her apprenticeship in a small shop in Portslade, and now works from Black Sails Tattoo Studio in Brighton amongst a really strong team of tattoo artists.  She takes inspiration from the likes of Ashley Luka, Sarah K and Jody Dawber, and her cute neo-traditional style pieces always amaze us!  Georgiie is a massive fan of colour work, and likes to use Radiant Tattoo Inks which are known for their extensive spectrum of colours. 

She'll be doing a lot of guest spots this year and so far has Stevenage, Glasgow, Nottingham, and Manchester on her list of cities, and will also be at this year's Cardiff Tattoo Convention in July, so if you're lucky enough to live in one of these places, then you might just be able to bag yourself a tattoo from Georgiie! 

Here's some of our favourite pieces from Georgiie so far:

A brilliant bat piece.  One of Georgiie's more recent tattoos.  We love the detail in this. Neo-traditional style animals are one of Georgiie's specialties when it comes to tattooing. 


This tarot card piece is stunning.  A wonderful example of Georgiie's feminine style tattooing


Georgiie has a real knack for creating super-cute Kawaii style pieces, and we absolutely love this Pokemon themed piece.


We're loving this girly Ramen bowl tattoo by Georgiie!


Georgiie has a real flair when it comes to flower-themed tattoos, and this one is extra pretty.


A lot of Georgiie's customers go to her specifically for Disney-themed tattoos, as this is something that Georgiie excels at!  We absolutely love this Rescuers piece. 


If you'd like to see more of Georgiie's amazing work then give her Instagram page @georgiietattoos a follow!  Make sure you keep an eye out on our blogs for next month's Sponsored Artist of the month!   Don't forget, if you're into colourful tattoos like Georgiie is, then be sure to check out our massive range of Radiant Tattoo Inks on our website. 


Love Toni...






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