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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Mike C Davies | Eternal Ink Myke Chambers Set

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for November goes to a brilliant tattooer who has been on our team of Sponsored Artists from the beginning.  This month, we're celebrating the work of Mike C Davies. 

Hailing from Liverpool, Mike works from Lord Nelson Tattoos alongside a talented team of artists, in the nearby city of Chester.  Mike is a custom classic tattooer, and served his apprenticeship in Liverpool when he was 17 years old.  Since then, he's cultivated his own custom take on classic traditional tattooing, offering bold clean work.  His work is inspired by Americana style and Sailor Jerry tattoos, and in his own words, he has 'a catalogue of custom flash and designs fuelled by the innovation and bold imagery of the punk rock scenes of late 70's London, DC and New York, to the turn of the century Godfathers of electric tattooing and their acres of flash adorned shops'. 

We're really happy to have Mike on our team of Sponsored Artists, and we love seeing the old school style of work that he produces on a weekly basis.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the Eternal Ink Myke Chambers Set, a collection of inks inspired by traditional Americana tattoo art, we're huge fans of Mike C Davies and his beautiful work, and we wanted to showcase some of the really cool tattoos that he has made.  Check it out.

First up, a bold American Eagle piece.  We love the bits of gold in the wings, a classic example of Mikes traditional style. 

Mike tattooed the barbed wire and stars, which sits amongst some beautiful work from other old school tattooers. 

We love this simple little panther and dagger piece that Mike has created. His work is always super clean.

A lovely detailed snake and swallow piece from Mike.  The positioning of the subject matter and the flow of the tattoo works really well here. 

This is one of our favourite pieces from Mike!  A creepy Krampus tattoo in an elbow ditch.  We love seeing Mike's colour work, but it's also great to see his black work too, as it looks really bold and eye-catching.

A sailor lady done by Mike.  This is a classic example of his unique old school style, which we're really fond of. 

This Bull Terrier painting is stunning!  A gorgeous piece of work done by Mike. 

If you're ever headed to Chester (which by the way is a beautiful city with tonnes of history!), then make sure you check out Lord Nelson Tattoos, and take a look at Mike's brilliant work.  It's a really nice tattoo studio situated in the Chester rows.  To see more of Mike's work then check out his Instagram page: @mikecdaviestattooer.  Don't forget, if you're a traditional tattoo artist looking for some new inks, then why not check out the Eternal Ink Myke Chambers Set which consists of some really bold colours, perfect for old school Americana tattoo art. 

Love Toni

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