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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Mike C Davies | Radiant Tattoo Ink Sets.

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for April goes to one of our pro team members who has been on the Magnum team from the beginning.  This month we're showing our appreciation for Mike C Davies.

Residing in Liverpool, and formerly working from Lord Nelson Tattoos in the beautiful city of Chester, Mike has recently moved ships and now works from Stag and Bones Tattoo in Liverpool.  Leaving Lord Nelson Tattoos where Mike has spent the best part of his tattooing career so far was an emotional time for Mike, however he's really excited to be working from Stag and Bones, and we're sure he'll enjoy his new venture!  

Mike's style is bold and traditional, and he's heavily influenced by classic Americana style tattoos and the work of Norman Collins.  He loves imagery of the punk rock scenes of late 70's London, DC and New York, all the way through to the turn of the century Godfathers of electric tattooing, and credits their influence for shaping his work today. 

We love having Mike on the team, and enjoy seeing his bold and traditional work week in and week out.  If like Mike, you're a fan of old school tattooing then make sure you check out some of the Radiant Tattoo Ink Sets that we have available to reflect your style of work.  If you're a fan of crisp lines and traditional tones then make sure you check out Mike's incredible work right here. 

First up, a ferocious wolf tattoo that Mike recently created. We love his take on the classic wolf piece. 

A beautiful old school dragon head.  The colours here are on point. 

Not one to shy away from large scale pieces, Mike has a talent for mapping out really cool back pieces and executing them well.  We love this piece he's been working on recently. 

More beautiful old school tattoos by Mike

We love this tiger, panther and woman tattoo that Mike recently created. It flows really well and the placement is awesome. 

A cool snake head piece with dagger done by Mike.  His choice of muted primary colours work really well with his sharp bold designs. 

Mike is a talented painter and he regularly creates old school flash paintings to add to his wall.  

If you'd like to see more of Mike's brilliant work, or check out the wealth of paintings adorned on his tattoo shop walls then make sure you pay him a visit if you're in the Liverpool area, or keep up to date with his work by checking out his instagram page @mikecdaviestattooer.  If you're looking for the perfect range of tattoo inks to suit your style then why not head over to our website where you can choose from a variety of Radiant Tattoo Ink Sets.

Love Toni

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