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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Troy Tuck | Buy Black and Grey Tattoo Ink


Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for October goes to the incredibly talented Troy Tuck.  We're huge fans of Troy's super smooth black and grey work, and each week, we love seeing the new designs he's created, so today we wanted to share some of the eye-catching tattoos he's recently made.

Troy works from and owns Embellished Ink in Poole, and is a self professed lover of black and grey tattoos.  There are so many exceptional black and grey artists in the industry that inspire Troy, and he is constantly pushing himself as an artist, creating the phenomenal black and grey work that he does.

If like us you're a fan of wonderfully smooth black and grey pieces then Troy is your guy.  Check them out here!


A stunning Virgin Mary piece.  We love the religious tattoos that Troy creates. 

Something a little different for Troy.  A gorgeous Mickey Mouse piece. 

A Greek Philosopher piece made recently by Troy.

This Native-American themed backpiece is phenomenal.  There's so many cool elements to it that Troy has captured perfectly. 
A sultry woman tattoo.  The negative space here is a really great effect. 
A tiger with a piercing yellow eye.  We love it. 
A selection of the Chicano style tattoos Troy has been creating recently.  Which one is your favourite?
A gorgeous lady face wearing a gorilla head.  Troy excels at both faces and animals, so we love it when he merges the 2 together. 


We're constantly in awe of Troy's incredible work, and we can't wait to see more of the tattoos that he produces.  If you're ever in the Poole area then make sure you go and check out Embellished Ink and see some more of Troy's brilliant work.  Don't forget, if you want the best range of black and grey tattoo inks then make sure you head over to our website where you'll find a great selection from many brands. 


Love Toni

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