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Sports Team Tattoos: A Closer Look at Super Bowl 2022


Although we are a UK-based company, we still like to keep our eye on events happening elsewhere. So there was no way we could just ignore the grand occasion that was Super Bowl Sunday 2022! It was an exciting watch but LA Rams were able to triumph over the Cincinatti Bengals for their second Super Bowl win.

This result has led us to consider how some people choose to express their fan loyalty in sports. Whether this be through buying team merchandise, attending live events or even getting sports team tattoos! This blog will aim to consider what you should take into account when opting for sports team tattoos. Plus, in the spirit of the great American Super Bowl, take a look at our range of tattoo ink online, with products from some of the biggest US tattoo supply brands. Buy Eternal Ink sets in red, white, and blue today! 

Super Bowl sports team tattoos

Hats adorned with your team's logo look good. However, they can easily get left behind and lost. Team jerseys are also great for showing your support, but what happens when they get ripped or you outgrow them? These are all reasons why sports tattoos may be good for people who are looking for something more permanent to express their support and fan loyalty. Nevertheless, these are not for the fickle-hearted! Even if your team experiences a tough run of form, you should still be proud to show off your tattoo, even if they aren't quite performing how you would like.

Sports team tattoos can come in many different forms, from simple designs to more elaborate ones that cover an entire arm or leg. However, lots of the best sports tattoos will try to incorporate the team's logo in one way or another. 

Other sports tattoo ideas may include particular sporting individuals, trophies, or even the team mascot. For example, in the case of American football teams many of the mascots are animals, and so can form a great source of inspiration for a creative sport tattoo. Simple animal tattoos can quickly make great sports team tattoos after a few design adjustments! 

Tiger sports team tattoo

Tiger tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Alex Rowntree (@alexrowntreetattoo). In the spirit of the Super Bowl, an animal tattoo like this could easily be adapted to make a Cincinnatti Bengals tattoo.

Ram sports team tattoos

Cow tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Jess Brown (@jessicabrowntattoo). Not quite a ram, but this could definitely help inspire the creation of a LA Rams tattoo.

While functioning as a symbol of loyalty to your beloved team, tattoos are also a great way to mark achievements within your club's history. However, on some occasions, the most ambitious sporting fans will even commemorate their team's successes before they happen. For example, with tattoos that place their team as Super Bowl champions, days before the final has been played out. We hope that no optimistic Bengals fans opted for an early Super Bowl Champions tattoo this year! In these cases, it is probably better to opt for small sports tattoos that will be easier to cover up. If not, you will be left with a permanent reminder of a missed opportunity for years to come . 

Eternal ink sets uk

Eternal Ink Set

Plus, to stay in the spirit of the American Super Bowl, we thought we'd highlight some of the US tattoo supply products that we stock. One of the biggest American tattoo ink brands is Eternal. Along with the individual colours, we also stock a great number of Eternal Ink sets, including the Top 25 set featured above. Consisting of 25 top colours you will find a wide enough colour range to complete any sports team tattoo! Add some red, white and blue to your basket today.

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  • Sarah Crookes