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Super Scorpio Tattoos this October | Nocturnal Tattoo ink

Scorpio Tattoos are the perfect way for those whose birthday falls between 24th October and 21st November to permanently signify their star sign on their bodies. Feisty and fun, the Scorpio sign is represented by a scorpion (of course), and have the letter ‘m' featuring a sharp tipped arrow as their glyph sign. Ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpios are typical passionate beings with natural leadership skills, who love to be in control. They’re very persuasive people, due to their magnetic nature, but they can also be seen as jealous and resentful, and are the most vengeful people you will ever meet! 

Scorpion themed tattoos can look brilliant. Even though scorpions aren’t exactly the cutest of creatures, they look great as tattoos, and are symbolic of a tough outer shell, with a bit of a sting in the tail! 

We’ve seen some beautiful Scorpio themed tattoos that vary in style and content, and we wanted to share them with you. As stockists of Nocturnal Tattoo Ink, we love all things mysterious and tattoo related, and are huge fans of horoscope tattoos, so why not check out these amazing Scorpio tattoos with us?

First up, we love this blackwork scorpion tattoo done by Shiro tattoo. The placement is brilliant and the Roman numerals round it off nicely. 

A bold Scorpio glyph inside a heart done by @missplugs. This piece is simple yet really stunning and it’s a great way to show off a Scorpio star sign. 

This piece is strong and bold, and literally unmissable! A traditional scorpion head tattoo that covers the whole top area of the head. This is a really brave tattoo, and we love it. 

Created by Liam Harbison, this old school style Scorpio tattoo is stunning. Traditional scorpion tattoos always look great.

An interesting blackwork scorpion done by Hilde Neun Teufel. The Scorpion is portrayed with one eye, and it has a really creepy air to it! We think it’s amazing. 

A stunning intricate constellation tattoo done by @pebson_design. Featuring some coloured stars as well as white ones, this is a really pretty tattoo, and a lovely idea for fellow Scorpios. 

A softer, and less sinister looking scorpion. This piece is marvellous and we like how intricate and delicate it is. Scorpions don’t always need to look deadly! Done by Sam Mancino.

If you’re a Scorpio and you have a star signed themed piece that you’d like to share with us, or if you're an artist and have made one yourself then why not get in touch? It’s always fun seeing various styles of tattoos that our customers have made. We'd love to hear from you! For any tattoo artists looking to create some mysterious black and grey pieces then We’d highly recommend Nocturnal Tattoo ink which can be purchased over at our web store. 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin