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Super Sweet Tattoos By Dorisu - Buy Ink-Eeze Pink Glide Online

We can't get enough of neo-traditional tattoos.  Whether they're in the form of animals, lady heads, pop-culture or flowers, it's a style that has no limits.  Neo-trad tattoos look great in sweet feminine colours, or in bold, stand-out tones, and there are plenty of top tattoo artists out there who excel at this style!

We recently welcome the incredibly talented Dorisu Tattoo to our team of sponsored artists.  She's a a tattoo artist whose neo-traditional work we particularly admire, and this week we wanted to take a closer look at some of the beautiful neo-trad tattoos in Doris's fabulous catalogue of work.  Working from With Heart Tattoo, Preston, Doris's work comprises of lots of gorgeous neo-traditional animals coupled with eye-catching florals, and it's not surprising to see her customers flocking to her for cute tattoos of their pets. 

Check out Doris's work right here:

There's a whole host of stunning tattoos done by Dorisu, and you can check them out over on her Instagram page.  Here you'll find updates about her work, commissions she's recently created, available designs, and info on how to book in.  

Don't forget, if you're looking for the perfect process butter for your tattoos, then head over to our store where you can buy Ink-Eeze Pink Glide online.  It's a non-petroleum based tattooing ointment infused with essential oils, and it smells like bubblegum!

Love from the Magnum Tattoo Supplies Team

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  • Antonia McLoughlin