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MTS Blog — radiant tattoo ink


Blood Type Tattoos | Buy Blood Red Radiant Tattoo Ink online 0

We recently came across an article about an significant tattooing event in Helsinki that could potentially be life saving. The Finnish Red Cross Blood service and a Helsinki tattoo studio ‘Legacy Tattoo’ have joined forces to create a fantastic event that will not only raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, but will also facilitate donors to have their blood type tattooed on them. 

Fantastic Fruit Tattoos | Fruit Colour Set from Radiant 0

With the release of the Fruit Colour Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink; a summery  selection of 18 luscious colours, we though it’d be fitting to have a look at some beautiful fruit themed tattoos. Fruit tattoos are perfect because they can be bright, colourful, and bold and are perfect as gap fillers if you want their size to be true to life (Unless you wanted a whole watermelon tattooing on you!). Fruit lovers are getting their favourite mouth watering healthy snack tattooed on them, and we think it looks great. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Scott Wyness | Radiant Super White 0

This July we're celebrating the work of an incredibly talented artist who never ceases to amaze us with his stunning tattoo work.  Our Sponsored Artist of the Month goes to Scott Edward Wyness (or Eddy, as we know him as here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies).  Eddy has been on our team of Sponsored Artists for over 2 years now, and with him only joining the tattoo industry just a few years ago, we’ve had the honour of being able to see his work evolve and grow over time as he molded his signature style and excelled himself by producing some absolutely astounding work. 

Dangerously good Dinosaur tattoos! | Buy Radiant Tattoo Ink online 0

I absolutely love Dinosaurs.  Naturally, I've never had the chance to encounter a real one, but I really enjoy checking out the pre-historic section of my local museum to have a look at some of the ancient fossils on display, and life-like dinosaur statues (Stegosaurus is my favourite!). I used to dabble in a bit of archaeology myself, so I've always found anything dinosaur-related to be really interesting. Unfortunately, the dinosaur days are over, but some people have taken their love for dinosaurs to the next level with some really cool dinosaur tattoos!

We’re raving about Radiant Tattoo Ink! | Tattoo Ink By Radiant Colours UK 0

When it comes to tattoo ink, nowadays tattoo artists are spoilt for choice with the many brands of tattoo ink available on the market.  Some like to use a select couple of brands, others will stay loyal to only one brand throughout their whole tattooing career, and some are willing to experiment with a variety of brands, chopping and changing as the mood suits.  We find that a lot of our customers tend to stick to the same couple of brands as they’re used to the colours, the consistency of the ink, and the way in which the tattoos heal when using specific brands and colours.  This year, we were ecstatic to become the Official European Distributor of Tattoo Ink By Radiant Colours, and we were super happy when so many of our customers switched over to Radiant from their usual brand of choice!