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Dangerously good Dinosaur tattoos! | Buy Radiant Tattoo Ink online

I absolutely love Dinosaurs.  Naturally, I've never had the chance to encounter a real one, but I really enjoy checking out the pre-historic section of my local museum to have a look at some of the ancient fossils on display, and life-like dinosaur statues (Stegosaurus is my favourite!). I used to dabble in a bit of archaeology myself, so I've always found anything dinosaur-related to be really interesting. Unfortunately, the dinosaur days are over, but some people have taken their love for dinosaurs to the next level with some really cool dinosaur tattoos!
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Radiant tattoo ink online, we love seeing all the different tattoo ideas that tattoo artists and their clients come up with, and today I wanted to have a look at some dangerously good Dinosaur tattoos!  Let's check them out!...
Incredible Dinosaur punk rock band by Joaka Tattoo!  This one is a really fun piece and I love how bright and bold it is, featuring a variety of different dinosaurs. 
How cool is this traditional style Dinosaur piece by Brandon Ing? I really like Brandon's style and minimalistic use of colour in this old school piece.  A simple ode to a prehistoric bird. 
I'm a huge fan of this neo-traditional Tyrannosaurus Rex piece from Kep Foe. I love how the tattoo is framed off, and particularly like the little dinosaur eggs at the bottom of the piece.  One of my favourite dinosaurs!
This blackwork tattoo from Felipe Cesar is stunning.  I can't remember what type of dinosaur this is, but it's really cool and I love the shape of his head. 
This one is super-cute!  Done by the incredibly talented Rhiannon Hustwayte.  I love the use of colour in this, and how a ferocious velociraptor is transformed into a really loveable piece of art!
Another incredible piece from Felipe Cesar, reminding us of the extinction of dinosaurs.  This Tyrannosaurus Rex skull is a really poignant piece! 
This neo-traditional Triceratops tattoo by Danny Taylor is excellent!! One of my favourite dinosaurs of all time. 
So there you have it!  Some dangerously good Dinosaur tattoos.  I'd absolutely love to see some more dinosaur tattoos, so if you have any, or if you've tattooed one yourself then please make sure you leave us a message in the comment section below!  Check out our website where you can buy Radiant Tattoo ink online, and have a peep at some of our other brilliant tattoo supplies. 
Love Toni...
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  • Antonia McLoughlin