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Tattooed restaurant customer didn't fit the 'target market' | Tattoo Cartridges


I recently read quite a shocking newspaper article from September, about a man who was asked to leave an Aukland restaurant because of his head tattoos.  Aaron, the man in question visited the 'upmarket' establishment with a female friend, and minutes after taking their seats, they were approached by the restaurant owner who asked them to leave, as he didn't think Aaron was the right 'target market' for the restaurant, and he didn't fit the dress code.  The owner told him he could not serve them because of how heavily tattooed he was. 


Now, I've learned never to take newspaper articles as gospel, and I know how stories quite frequently get 'blown out of proportion', and even fabricated, but unfortunately it seems that there is absolute truth to this story, and it is extremely disappointing to read.  As a seller of Tattoo Cartridges, and a tattoo supplies wholesaler, it's disheartening when things like this happen, especially as head tattoos are quite common within the tattoo community. 

I understand that tattoos in general, and not just head tattoos aren't to everyone's taste.  Tattoo culture throughout history has often been frowned upon, but I'd have thought in the last few decades there'd been a lot more progression with this kind of thing - after all, for many people, tattoos are a work of art, and a form of self-expression, and tattoo culture is certainly becoming increasingly popular.  A 2015 study in the UK showed that 1 in 5 people had tattoos, and granted, the majority of these won't be head tattoos, but it still shows just how widely accepted tattoos are today, and that there's a lot less stigma attached to them than there used to be, so it's sad to see that in this day and age, a man is asked to leave a restaurant based on the art he's chose to display on his body.  As far as I could see, there was absolutely nothing offensive about his tattoo. It looks as though it was a black and grey snake (and a rather faint one at that), however this was enough for the restaurant owner to decide that this customer wasn't fit to dine there, and I think it's a complete shame. 

A lot of tattooed people still face discrimination to some degree, and again, I can accept that tattoos are a personal preference, and there will always be people who dislike them, but each to their own!  It's a given that certain professions do not accept visible tattoos in the workplace, and I completely understand some of the reasoning for this, but it's totally unfair for someone wanting to enjoy a quiet meal in their own time, to be told they have to leave.  People choose to colour and style their hair in many different ways, so why should we treat anyone any differently when they choose to decorate their head with some cool art work?  

On a brighter note, I wanted to have a look at some amazing pieces of art that people have chose to adorn on their heads!  Tattoos are art, and art is subjective, so whether you like it or not, it can still be appreciated! 

A brilliant black and grey geometric piece by Cory Ferguson.  This must have taken so long, (and was probably extremely painful), but it looks great! 


I love this old school demon tattoo by @davidetctattooer.  I think demon tattoos are realy cool.  It takes someone really brave to get something like this! Fair play to them. 

This geometric mandala by Milly Tattoos from New South Wales is absolutely stunning!

If you have any thoughts on the newspaper article (link below), then please let us know in the comments!  We always love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these things!  Remember to check out our Tattoo Cartridges on our website too!


Love Toni...

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  • Antonia McLoughlin