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Tattoos are for Life, Not just for Christmas | Tattoo Supplies UK


Tattoos are for life, not just for Christmas.  This is of course an obvious statement.. We all know of the permanence of tattoos.  By definition, a tattoo is a permanent thing, which is why it's so important to take some things into consideration when deciding on when, where, who, and why to get a tattoo. We may just be stating the obvious here, but it's so important to consider what you're getting - will you like it in years to come or will you end up wanting a cover-up, or even laser?  Is the artist a reputable tattooer who will do a good job of your tattoo in a safe and hygienic environment?  As a Tattoo Supplies UK company, we thought it'd be good to discuss some helpful points when it comes to getting tattooed.  Here are some things to consider:

The best time to get a tattoo is when you're in full health.  There's nothing worse than getting a tattoo when you're full of cold and your immune system is already working hard to fight your ailment. Getting tattooed can really take it out of you, especially if it's a big piece, so you'll want to make sure you get it done at a time when you feel physically and mentally prepared to deal with the aftermath.  

If you're planning a tattoo just before a summer holiday that involves lots of heat, swimming pools and the sea, then you may want to reconsider.  Exposing your tattoo to the sun and to the risk of germs, (and just long periods of exposure to water in general), is an absolute no-no. Getting a tattoo is a commitment, and the aftercare process is extremely crucial in guaranteeing beautiful results, so have a good think about what you have planned for those important 2 weeks after you've been tattooed. 


It is of course entirely your choice what you have tattooed on you, but this does not mean that you're entitled to it, and your tattoo artist has the right to refuse to tattoo something on you if they feel that it just won't work as a tattoo.  Some things just aren't possible, and although you may want a realistic Roman Emperor holding a pocket watch that has 4 of your kid's names intricately tattooed inside it, as well as a tribute to your favourite football team all rolled into one piece, the likelihood is, it's not possible.  Some things just aren't do-able, and any good artist will discuss your options with you and try to come up with something more suitable. 

A good tattoo artist will never plagiarise anyone elses work, so although they will probably be more than happy to take inspiration from the content of a design, don't be surprised if they flat out refuse to copy someone else's work (and rightly so). 

It's worth noting that tattoo fads come and go, so although it may be tempting to get the latest swirl pattern that Cheryl Cole has tattooed on the side of her hand, the novelty of this type of thing is likely to wear off very quickly, so think long and hard about the subject matter and the positioning of your tattoo. 

If you're in a position where you can get your throat tattooed, and it won't affect your day to day life (in terms of career opportunities, etc), then go for it.  If you're unsure, or if you know that it's likely to have a negative impact in your life, then it's just not worth it (at least not right now). 


For many people, tattoos can be a means of dealing with an emotional period in their lives.  Whether this be commemorating a happy event like the birth of a child, or a tribute tattoo to a lost loved one, tattoos can help to deal with pain, but it's worth having a think about whether you're emotionally ready for this. If not, then give it some time. 

It may be tempting to get a huge commemorative piece after a break up to signify heartache, or your love for that person, but just remember that you're bound to feel differently about that person or situation in a year's time, and the tattoo feel completely irrelevant or even a little embarrassing!

The same goes for getting a tattoo of your partner's name. It may seem like a great idea at the time, and you're doing it to show your love for your significant other, but don't get too caught up in the romance of it all.  It certainly is a way to signify your undying love, but tattoos are permanent.  Very permanent.  Your love might not be!...


If you're not too savvy when it comes to tattoo studios, and you're not too familiar with the tattoo industry, then it's definitely worth doing your research. Ask around, get honest opinions, and even go in and have a little look around some studios and chat to the artists to get a feel for the environment. If anything looks amiss, or if it doesn't look clean, safe, and hygienic then it's a no go.  There are tonnes of amazing artists working from reputable studios, and you can usually get a very good feel for this from having a look online at reviews, social media accounts, and from the shop's website.  Do your research!


Similarly to 'where', you may not be too clued up on some of the great artists, so it's worth having a look around to see which artist is the right person for your design. Instagram is a great place to start, as it's literally an online portfolio of artists's work.  Some artists may specialse in a particular style.  It's no use going to someone who only does old-school traditional pieces if you're after a black and grey realistic style sleeve full of portraits.  The traditional artist may be amazing, but we'd recommend going to someone who specialises in the style that you're after.  Again, as previously discussed, no reputable artist will copy someone else's work, so make sure you go to someone who is willing to create a custom tattoo for you.  After all, you want something unique that's not copied from another person!


We hope that these snippets of advice have been helpful!  Tattoos are entirely a personal choice, but it's definitely worth bearing these things in mind when it comes to permanently marking your body.  Remember, a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas!  If you've had a tattoo and you're looking for the best aftercare, then don't forget to check out our website.  We're a tattoo supplies UK company and stock the best brands at brilliant prices. 



Love Toni 

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