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Tattoo's aren't 'cool' anymore? | Tattoo Aftercare Wholesale


I came across an article recently in The Telegraph titled 'Rethinking Ink: How Tattoos Lost their Cool' and I found myself thinking, tattoos have lost their 'cool'?! I read the article and there were just a few things in it that I disagreed with so I thought I would discuss it! As a company that sells tattoo aftercare wholesale, it's an interesting topic of discussion, whether these tattoos we spend time caring for are 'cool' or not, as the article puts it. 

Firstly, spoiler alert, the article doesn't really discuss its own title, it focuses much more heavily on the increase in consumption of laser removal and the anti-inkers go to argument of regret. While it might be true that more and more people are having their tattoos removed or covered up, I really don't think it makes a case for whether or not tattoos are a worth while endeavour. The reason that more and more people are seen to be regretting their tattoos could be to do with the fact that in the last 50 years or so, tattoos have become so much more accessible. This means that more people, who aren't necessarily enthusiasts of tattoos are getting them as a passing fancy then regretting them later on and I don't think that this should dissuade people from getting tattoos. More people getting tattoos inevitably leads to more people getting them getting removed and I don't think that this means that tattoos are no longer 'cool'. 

In fact, the article does point something out that at first had me shaking my head until I thought about it little further, and then I felt that it only proved that tattoos are still worth getting if you love them. It said that celebrities were responsible for popularising tattoos to the point that they have, as I say at first I thought this was preposterous, everyone gets tattoos for their own reasons. After thinking about it a little more I realised that perhaps there are some more impressionable people out there who get a tattoo because this celebrity or that celebrity has one, and getting a tattoo for that reason is likely to lead you to regret it later on. 

The article also touched slightly on the fact that people might be getting rid of them for employment purposes. This seemed a little misguided to me and seemed to suggest that times were moving backwards instead of forwards. More and more places are becoming more accepting of visible tattoos in the workplace, in fact, the article goes on to point out that David Cameron's wife had a tattoo and it was a topic of conversation for a while. I mean if the Prime Ministers wife can have a tattoo why can't any of us? 

At the end of the day, there are always going to be people who regret their tattoos, but I maintain that these people probably didn't get a tattoo for the right reason or hadn't thought it through properly, but that's just my opinion. What do you think? Have you had a tattoo removed? Do you think tattoos are losing their 'cool' let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo aftercare wholesale, you can find it in our store so take a look!

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