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Tattoos in the Summertime - Keep them protected | Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 30

For many places around the UK this week, the sun is finally shining!  We've seen highs of around 23 degrees in the North-West, and according to the weatherman, we're due some more hot weather very soon!  If like many of us, you have lots of beautiful tattoos that you love to showcase, then you'll be just as excited as we are about the sunny weather - (we're so excited about being able to ditch our winter coats and head to the beach!), but with the scorching hot sun and its UV rays comes a lot of unwanted annoyances like sun-burn and skin damage. 
Anyone with tattoos will know that too much sun can often have a detrimental effect on tattoos, so its extremely important to cover up accordingly if you're thinking of hitting the beach or spending long periods of time exposing your skin to the sun.  We wouldn't advise getting tattooed if you're about to go on holiday, because as well as the sun damage that can occur, you put yourself at risk of infections as the tattoo is an open wound, and definitely won't agree with any bacteria that's festering in swimming pools or in the sea.  If you are getting tattooed this summer, then its best to avoid the sun for the first couple of weeks, and do not apply sunscreen to your new tattoo as this won't do it any good.
We know that you can't avoid the sun forever, so once your tattoo is healed then you'll want to be able to show it off.  This summer, whether you're going on holiday, having days out in the sun, or using the sunbeds, make sure you cover your tattoos with Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 30 Plus.  Tattoo Goo are one of the leading tattoo aftercare manufacturers, and we'd highly recommend their aftercare products to anyone who's just been tattooed, or who wants to maintain their existing tattooed. 
We absolutely love Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 30, because this easily absorbed lotion helps to renew existing tattoos and provides excellent protection from the sun. Just apply 15 minutes before sun exposure to allow the cream to settle in, then re-apply every 1-2 hours.  If you have a new tattoo, then we'd advise using Tattoo Goo for the first few weeks, then switch to Renew after this.  It's enriched in Vitamins A, D, and E, and is natural, and petroleum free, so your skin will highly benefit from this brilliant lotion. 
                    Check out Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 30
Not only will this product protect your tattoos from the sun, it'll also keep any colours looking really vibrant and bright, so for those of you wanting to keep your tattoos looking as fresh as possible, then this is the product for you!
Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 30, and the full Tattoo Goo range which also includes some great piercing aftercare, is available to buy on our online store right now.  Make sure you stock up for summer, and keep your tattoos safe from harmful UV rays!


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  • Antonia McLoughlin