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Tattoos that are perfect for night owls | Black and White Tattoo Ink


Are you a bit of a night owl who loves staring up at the starry sky on a dark evening?  Now the days are drawing to an early close, we're seeing some really magnificent sights in the sky.  Depending on where you live, and how clear a view you have, you can look up and see endless stars, and constellations, and some truly amazing sights.

If you find it hard to escape the bright lights of the city, and your view of the night sky is limited, then fear not, because you can have beautiful night sky scenery tattooed on you instead!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, where we stock a variety of black and white tattoo ink, perfect for creating those galaxy-themed pieces, we're really interested in seeing all kinds of tattoos in various styles, and we're currently loving these scenic tattoos. We've encountered some lovely little starry night-themed tattoos that rival the beauty of the luminous atmosphere, so if you're a lover of a starry night's sky, then why not check out these brilliant tattoos that are perfect for night owls?

First up, a spectacular bat piece by the talented Kaysee Shuster.  This cute little fruit bat has a starry sky incorporated into his wings, and it looks amazing. Perfect if you're a creature of the night. 


A lovely little snippet of Vincent Van Gogh's 'A starry night.  It's an ideal piece for art lovers and evening lovers alike!


A wonderful tattoo done by Frank Rotten.  The use of colour here is brilliant.  Various tones have been used here to create the perfect hues of the sunset, fading into night. 


A gorgeous rocket piece from our brilliant Sponsored Artist Josh Hurrell.  This would be a beautiful sight to see when you look up in the night sky!

A fabulous tattoo done by David Cote.  We love the abstract nature of this piece, and the interesting way that David has captured the feel of the night. 

A cute dotwork cactus tattoo done by Haylie Farrel.  We love how the intricate background of this is a dark night's sky scene above the desert.


A fabulous galaxy scene in a realistic style.  The varying colours of blues, purples and pinks are really stunning.  


A marvellous blackwork tattoo of a star gazer, looking into the beautiful night's sky.  The reflection of the moonlight is lovely, and this is most definitely one of our favourite night-themed tattoos. 

We hope you've enjoyed gazing over these night sky tattoos!  If you fancy yourself as a bit of a stargazer, and love creating starry night themed tattoos, then why not check out our website where you'll find a huge range of black and white tattoo ink, perfect for creating those dark sky pieces!



Love Toni

Love Toni

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