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Temporary Tattoos - For those who don't want to take the plunge just yet | Fake Tattoo Sleeves


Temporary tattoos can be super fun.  The first time you probably encountered one was in the form of a prize from a gumball vending machine (one of those really old ones where you put a 20p piece in, twist the big metal dial and a plastic pod containing a sweet and a temporary tattoo cut out was waiting for you). 

Sure, they could be fun, but you were really limited when it came to the designs.  The typical kind of tattoo you'd receive were tribal patterns, dolphins, and cherries.  All super 90's and not so imaginative, and then there was the danger of adding too much water to the temporary tattoo sheet which resulted in a big puddle all over the bathroom floor. 

The good news is, that fake tattoos are evolving.  They're no longer trash tattoos that come from sweet dispensers, rather they're 'fine art faux tattoos' that can actually look pretty classy.  Of course, they aren't the same as the real thing and can never quite match the realness of an actual tattoo, but they're great for those who just aren't ready to commit to having a 13 Round Liner blasted over their forearm just yet.  Some people just want to create the illusion of tattoos for social events such as music festivals, and why the hell not?

Tattoo Artist Sasha Unisex who is renowned for her beautiful solid watercolour tattoos has created her own line of Temporary Tattoos that resemble her unique tattoo work, and people have been going crazy for them.  These beautiful accessories have been fashioned at festivals like Coachella, and they've also been utilised by Make-up artists who want to add more decorative elements to their work. 


Another artist to join Sasha in the market for temporary tattoos is Miryam Lumpini, a Swedish artist known for her stunning neo-traditional tattoos and for tattooing some famous celebrities as well.  She recently collaborated with Bic to create Bodymark - a range of 'tattoo marker pens' that allow you to draw designs on your skin without the permanent marker element to it. 

Although some tattooed people may frown upon the idea of temporary tattoos, it's certainly a better alternative for people who are unsure about what they want and likely to regret their decision about a permanent tattoo, and will help them with any indecisiveness they're experiencing about their tattoo ideas. 

Fake tattoo sleeves can also be a deciding factor for people who maybe have tattoos but are unsure about whether to take the plunge and go for a fully fledged sleeve.  Getting a sleeve is a big step, and for some people it can be really overwhelming trying to decide not only what they want, but whether it will suit them.  Fake sleeves are a great way of getting a gauge for this, and can help you decide whether or not a sleeve is for you!  Failing that, it makes for great fancy dress!


So, if you're unsure about whether to get a tattoo, or whether to take your love for tattoos to the next level with a full sleeve, then don't fret as there are plenty of sophisticated temporary tattoo methods that can help you decide!  Make sure you check out the range of Fake Tattoo Sleeves that are available to purchase through our website! 



Love Toni


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