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Tempting Trainer Tattoos | Panthera Tattoo Ink


Trainers, Sneakers, Wheels, Trabs, (whatever you want to call them) are a total passion for some people!  I personally love my little trainer collection, and although it's not huge yet, it's definitely growing!  My current favourites are my suede pink Air Force Ones, (and there's a really nice yellow pair of AF1s I've got my eye on!).  Some sneakerheads have taken their passion to the next level by declaring their love for their favourite pair of trainers with a tattoo!  

At Magnum, we're passionate about tattoo ink, and we have a huge collection of popular brands including Panthera Tattoo Ink, and we absolutely love keeping up with the latest tattoo trends, so today I wanted to showcase some really tempting trainer tattoos.... Let's take a look!


Let's kick off with these New Balance 574's.  An absolute gem of a shoe - I really love New Balance and have a pair of black and turquoise 574s that are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. 


The ever popular Air Max 90.  I think 90s are probably one of the most popular Nikes on the market at the moment, and I absolutely love the revival of this brilliant shoe. 


Adidas Superstars are another popular trainer at the moment, and I've seen them everywhere over the last couple of years!  Not one of my favourite models, but they're certainly a head turner!


Nike Roshe Runs - I have this exact pair myself, and I've worn them to death!  They're so comfy and I love the lightweight material of them. 


Air Jordan 1 Chicago, and Air Jordan 11 Bred.  My knowledge of Jordans isn't strong, but I think they're really cool shoes, and the artist here has done an impeccable job of these tattoos!


A personal favourite of mine! (as this is on me!)  Stefan Janoski's.  I really love this shoe.  I have a black and pink pair and they're still in really great condition, and I wanted to immortalise the Janoskis so I'll have them forever! Done by Danny Taylor. 


Another great trainer tattoo from Danny Taylor! 


Probably one of my favourites.  What a better way to show your eternal love for your kicks than to tattoo a pile of shoe boxes on your leg!  I absolutely love this and I think it's a great way of showing your dedication to the trainer game. 


I'm a massive fan of Vans and have a few pairs myself.  This classic Vans shoe is a lovely tribute. 


Let us know about your favourite trainers in the comments, (and even better, if you have, or have done a trainer tattoo then we'd be really happy to take a look!).  I'm hoping to get an Air Max tattoo on my other leg soon, so I'll be sure to post it when I get it!  Don't forget to check out our range of Panthera Tattoo Ink online.  


Love Toni


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  • Antonia McLoughlin