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The almighty Killer Bee Tattoo Machine is here! | Killer Bee Tattoo Machine Supplier


 One of the hottest tattoo machines on the market right now is the Killer Bee Tattoo Machine from Immortal Innovations.  All tattoo artists know that a good quality, well-built tattoo machine is paramount when it comes to producing excellent tattoos, and the Killer Bee tattoo machine offers just that!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we’re fortunate enough to be a Killer Bee Tattoo Machine Supplier, and we’re ecstatic to hear how happy our customers are with this machine, and we’re thrilled with the amount of excellent feedback it’s received!

The Killer Bee allows artists to use one machine for every aspect of work, whether that be for lining, shading or colour packing, which is essentially a very time-saving feature, as there’s no need to switch between machines, change gloves, and prolong the tattoo process.  It’s also the first machine on the market that allows you to service it yourself, and it couldn’t be easier!  It’s designed to be as hygienic as possible, and cleaning it is simple – just wipe down in between jobs, and when you want to fully clean it, it’s easily taken apart and 90% of the parts can be autoclaved in order to fully sterilise it.

It features a Swiss Maxon Motor, which is the most powerful motor in the industry, operating from 9 all the way up to 24 volts, so it’s a really hard-hitting machine, which features a 4mm stroke.  It’s made from smooth, sleek high-quality billet aluminium and is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for maximum comfort, which massively reduces stress in the tendons and repetitive strain injuries which are common complaints for tattoo artists.  I think this is a really important feature, as it’s a tool that is used day in and day out, so using a product that isn’t detrimental to your physical health is vital.  There’s also a depth adjustment feature which can be easily amended to suit your preference.

Ami James from Miami Ink using his custom gold Killer Bee Tattoo Machine!


All in all, the Killer Bee is an excellent machine, and is currently a favourite with our customers!  It’s one of those machines that people are immediately drawn to as soon as they step into our office, and we love seeing the look on people’s faces when admiring the beautiful and solid composition of this mighty machine! We’re really proud to be able to say that we stock the Killer Bee, and if you’d become a proud owner of one of these amazing tattoo machines, just click here:

If you have a Killer Bee machine already, we’d absolutely love to see some of the work that you’ve made with it!  Be sure to send us your pics and leave us a comment below!



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  • Antonia McLoughlin