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The Best Tattoo Aftercare Film Available - Buy True Gent Tattoo Aftercare online

There are tonnes of brilliant tattoo aftercare products out there at the moment, with creams, lotions and goo style products from various brands which are all great go-to aftercare solutions. Different artists and studios will have their own preferences when it comes to aftercare products and will often advise their customers on which products to used based on their own experiences.  In the the last few years, we've seen a high demand for 'aftercare film', as tattoo artists and tattoo customers alike are using this great aftercare solution, and experiencing the benefits of a product a little different to the typical cream or lotion!

There are a few brands of aftercare film on the market at the moment, and the latest brand we've came across is the True Gent Aftercare Film.  True Gent Aftercare Film is a breathable and protective polyurethane tattoo film that heals your tattoo and allows the skin to naturally perspire.  It is for use during the initial healing stage of your tattoo, and locks in the body's natural fluids and enzymes which helps with the natural healing process, ensuring beautifully healed tattoos afterwards. 

True Gent Tattoo Aftercare film is an affordable price point, and 
available in a roll of 15cm x 10m, and is ideal for tattoo artists and clients alike.  It can be cut easily down to size so you can give a sheet to your clients so they're able to carry on the aftercare process at home. 

We've very recently started stocking this product, and so far, we've had nothing but excellent reviews, and not just from the people who've had the tattoos, but from the tattoo artists themselves.  

Any good tattoo artist knows how crucial the aftercare process is, and will actively encourage their clients to look after their tattoos, especially in the initial healing stages.  Once the tattoo artist has cleaned it up, they simply apply a layer of the film on the tattoo, which actively prevents any bacteria from getting in, (similar to when kitchen roll and tape is applied to cover the tattoo once it's complete, even more hygienic!). It's truly is a great product to have in your studio!

If you'd like to purchase a roll of True Gent Tattoo Aftercare Film then make sure you head over to our website now!

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  • Antonia McLoughlin