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The most painful parts of the body to get tattooed? | buy Bactine for tattoos

Pain is a relative and personal concept. Everyone experiences pain differently, and it’s completely impossible to experience someone else’s pain. Pain can only be described with words, and by likening the pain to another experience of pain, which again is completely personal. We can tell when someone is in pain, only by physical cues that they make, such as wincing, crying, screaming, or holding and grasping at the affected body part.  Again though, this is the only real indicator we have of someone else's pain.  We can't know exactly what they're experiencing as it's impossible for us to have a physical experience that's independent from ourselves.   

This question can be asked when it comes to tattoos. There are certain areas of the body that people would agree are more painful to have tattooed than others, but again this is all relative and based on personal experiences and opinions, and memories of the tattoo process at the time. Some people say that the places that a male may find very painful are thought to be relatively ok when a woman has the same area tattooed, and vice versa, so it is quite difficult to find a conclusive answer.  Some people can endure more plain than others, but does this mean they feel less pain in general, or just that they have better coming mechanisms? 
When it comes to tattoo pain, the struggle is real.  There’s not a lot of choice when it comes to approved numbing cream, but you can buy Bactine for tattoos, which will slightly ease the pain during the tattoo process. 

Many heavily tattooed people have tried to sum up the most painful places to get tattooed, and judging from a handful of articles we’ve come across, there does seem to be some common denominators.It’s believed that the most painful places on the body to get tattooed are the eyelids, eyeballs, and genetalia. These are probably also some of the least common places to have tattooed, so we’ve left these off the list, as we wanted a more general idea the most painful places to be tattooed.  Here’s a run down of what we found...

5. Inner thigh
The 5th most painful place to be tattooed, according to many sources is your inner thigh. This one was quite surprising, because from personal experience, it’s really not painful at all, but then again how do you measure someone else’s pain? What’s painful for one person is a walk in the park for another. It’s said to be painful because compared to other parts of the body, it doesn’t get as much exposure to things. The nerves go straight to the groin which can often create a word and uncomfortable sensation. 

4. Ribs
This one isn’t too surprising. The ribs can be a tricky place, and given that the ribs aren’t very fleshy and are close to the bone, they’re definitely one of the more painful places to be tattooed. You’ll probably be quite conscious of not breathing too hard whilst you’re being tattooed, which may cause you to tense up a little, resulting in even more pain. 

3. Fingers
Your skin is really thin on your fingers, and can be quite a difficult area to tattoo, resulting on the artist having to work the needle a little more than usual. Because of just how thin the skin is, the sensation of the needle feeling as if it’s close to the bone can be quite sickening. All in all, not a very nice experience.

2. Knee ditch 
We can’t speak from personal experience, but the knee ditch is said to be a killer! Just the very idea of a Tattoo Needle grazing the skin is enough to make your stomach turn. There are a tonne of nerves at the back of your knee, making the area super sensitive and very painful to tattoo. 

1. Armpit
The armpit (according to quite a few sources) is the most painful place to have tattooed. It’s full of nerves, and the sensation of being tattooed in this area can be quite sharp and hot.  "The axillary nerve is located here as well as the glands, and the skin around the armpit is extremely sensitive". Armpit tattoos look great, and we commend anyone who is brave enough to get one! 

We'd love to hear about your tattooing experiences and whether you agree with the order of the top 5 most painful places to get tattooed. If not, then let us know what your top 5 most painful places for tattoos are. Leave us a comment in the box below!  If you want to try and ease the pain of your clients during the tattoo process then why not buy Bactine for tattoos  which can be purchased from us over the phone. It eases the pain and helps with the redness of tattoos. 



Love Toni


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