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Tiny Tattoos | Eternal Lining Black

Tattoos are fascinating, and they're truly versatile in a sense that you can have literally anything tattooed on to you, in any colour, size or layout. Whilst large-scale tattoos are really appealing to some, for others tattoos can be a huge decision that results in them picking the tiniest of tattoos that are intricate and discreet, and ideal for those who aren't quite ready to commit to anything large-scale. Size doesn't always matter, and tattoos don't have to be big to really make a statement. Dainty tattoos can be really beautiful, and just as head-turning. 
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Eternal Lining Black Ink online, we’re taking a look at some of the cutest tiny tattoos around.  Check them out...

Giving the finger.  This tattoo may be small, but it really makes a statement! Artist unknown

Mountains are usually huge and vast, but this tiny back of ankle mountain tattoo is small and mighty. Artist unknown

2 tiny origami Chihuahuas.  This is the cutest. Artist unknown

A lovely little safety pin. Artist unknown

Dainty little butterflies.  We love how small they are. Artist unknown

A small and intricate back of arm rose.  We love how simple this is. 
So there you have it.  If you're looking for some tattoo inspiration and aren't really fond of big and bold tattoos, then remember there are always options for you!  Tiny tattoos are really popular, and they're so versatile as well despite their dainty size.  If you're a fan of creating tiny tattoos then why not get in touch and show us your work?  Make sure you head over to our website where you can buy Eternal Lining Black online.  It's perfect for those intricate pieces. 



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  • Antonia McLoughlin