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Top 5 Tattoo Aftercare Products For You


Companies of different tattoo aftercare products in the market do everything they can to catch the consumer’s attention. A lot of products claim they offer you the best quality, some other companies say theirs are the bestsellers. While these may be true, it is best to be sure where to splurge you money on. Here are the top five products that will give the inked skins some TLC! 

  1. Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Care Kit

This care kit contains Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Wash, Tattoo Lotion, and Tattoo Salve. This kit serves to get rid of skin’s dirt, excess oil, and dead cells. The cucumber extract helps tattoos retain their color, while hydrolyzed oat protein helps skin hold moisture to develop your tattoo’s vibrancy. Glycolic AHA and papaya extract exfoliate and polish. It’s perfect after a new tattoo, to help ease the healing process. Green tea leaf extracts contain properties that is also a great antioxidant, while the grapeseed oil protects your skin against the harmful free radicals. The kit’s salve is rich with vitamin E, natural olive and lavender oils that makes your tattoo livelier. It won’t clog pores and is non-irritating.

  1. Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit

Second on the list is Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit. Established since 1998, the product is a veteran in the tattoo industry. The long period they had garnered a decent amount of experience. This complete kit contains one each of Tattoo Goo salve in a 3/4 ounce tin, a Tattoo Goo deep cleansing soap for a faster healing, a Tattoo Goo strong lotion for soothing and enhancement of your new ink, and the best part of it all is that it contains a Tattoo Goo sunscreen that protects the color, with 30 SPF against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  1. H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Kit

H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Kit uses water- based and alcohol- free formula that nurtures your skin and backs up your skin’s natural healing powers. It is a brand that is well- known in the tattoo community because it works perfectly. The kit comprises of a cleaning foam, moisturizing cream, and an “ink lock” cream. This kit will keep and maintain your tattoo’s color for many years to come. The ultimate tattoo aftercare kit provides you with a three-step, safe, unscented, and revitalizing skin care regimen that is made for the tattoo industry by the tattoo industry.

  1. Hustle Butter – Deluxe Tattoo Butter

Hustle Butter is a vegan product that is the perfect alternative to any petroleum- based product. This product is used as a lubricant that helps your tattoo’s healing process faster and better. Its main ingredients include mango, cocoa, papaya and other Shea butters… so it really isn’t a wonder that it brings a lot of benefits to your skin. It reduces redness, swelling and bleeding. For the professional tattoo artist, skin remains workable – you’ll never have any more over-worked highlights, yellows and whites go in the first time, color goes in so easily.

  1. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion

After Inked aftercare products has been creating a name for itself in the tattoo industry. The moisturizer and lotion should be applied daily for new and existing tattoos, so it won’t stick to your clothes.

It’s an all- natural and non- petroleum based tattoo aftercare product. It is free from paraben and gluten, unscented, and vegan! What more could you ask for, right? The product is clinically and dermatologist tested so anyone can safely use it, and won’t have their skins irritated. This product cannot only be used for tattoos, but also on any permanent makeup procedures, such as on the lips, brows, eyeliner, and areola.

These products may sound inviting, and may make you want to rush to the nearest tattoo store, but safety should always be a priority. Products used on your costumers should be safe, and suitable for them. Always check up on your client, if there are any allergies, for a smooth and happy procedure.

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  • Matthew Nelson