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In the last few years, Cartridges have become an increasingly popular alternative to standard tattoo needles within the tattoo industry, with many artists eagerly switching over to Cartridges after trying them out for the first time.  One of the main benefits of using Cartridges is the efficiency of the set up, and cleaning down process, which is a lot less time consuming for the artist, making life easier!  Cartridges also offer a smoother needle flow with less rigidity than normal needles, allowing for faster retraction promoting a smoother overall motion, producing more precise results.  Although there brilliant tattoo needles out there, Cartridges are fast becoming a preferred tool of choice for tattoo artists, and looking at some of the results produced by Cartridge tattooing, it's clear to see why! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we've recently became an official distributor of True Gent Premium Cartridges, and we couldn't be more excited!  The brand new True Gent Tattoo Cartridges are designed and created to meet the highest of technical specifications for perfect precision and accuracy, engineered for the utmost consistency. The care taken and attention to detail during the manufacturing process has resulted in True Gent being able to supply the tattoo industry with a new standard bearer in the tattoo cartridge market, and best of all, each cartridge is fitted with a safety membrane, making it extremely safe to use for ultimate hygiene as the ink does not splash back.  Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle cartridges with a micro needle diameter that ranges from 0.25-0.35 0.35mm, and the cartridges are colour coded to differentiate between the different types of needles.  The True Gent Bugpin Cartridges are also a really popular choice for a lot of our customers who buy True Gent Cartridges online over at our wholesale store. 

Above is a picture of the True Gent Premium Cartridge - liner needles.  Individually wrapped and sealed, the safety membrane is one of the most important features of the Cartridge, allowing for the ultimate hygiene and safety. 


True Gent Premium Cartridges are also available in Sample Packs, featuring x2 of each of the following popular sizes/types: 0805RL, 1003RL, 1007RL, 1009RL, 1207RS, 1209RS, 1215RM, 0807M1, 1209M1, 1215M1.  The sample packs are really handy for those wanting to make the switch to Cartridges from needles, and would like to try them out for the first time.  They're also great for those looking to try a new brand at an excellent cost. 



A sample pack of True Gent Cartridges, available to buy for just £10! 

We're really pleased that a lot of our Sponsored Artists have switched over to True Gent Cartridges after religiously using other brands of Cartridges, and are extremely happy with the results!  Here's a couple of examples of their work:

A super-cute cat piece from Rachael Rose, Lucky 13 Tattoo.  Instagram@rachaelrosetattoo


A fierce tiger hand tattoo from Troy Tuck.  I absolutely love this!                   Instagram @troytucktattoo


If you haven't already tried Cartridges, or if you're currently using Cartridges but are keen for even better results, we'd strongly recommend the True Gent brand! The growing popularity of these Cartridges is phenomenal, with customers coming back again and again to stock up on them.  Be sure to check them out over at: - and don't forget, we sell sample boxes as well at a great price of just £10 for 20 cartridges, so you can buy True Gent Cartridges from our online wholesale store and try a variety of different types before buying a full box of one particular size or needle type! 

If you've used True Gent Cartridges before, we'd love to hear that you think about them in the comment box.  Be sure to leave us a comment, and show us some pics of your work! 


Love Toni...








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