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Under Arm Tattoos are now a Trend? | Tattoo Ink Wholesalers UK


People are always finding creative new places to put their tattoos, I mean we've only got limited space right? Armpit tattoos aren't by any means new but usually, they exist in the form of part of another tattoo. Now people are getting individual tattoos on their underarms and it's become quite the trend on Instagram. Magnum Tattoo Supplies is a tattoo ink wholesalers UK tattoos can trust, but we also like to keep up with the latest tattoo trends! So without further ado lets have a look at what some people have been inking on their underarms! 


I think this one is really cool, if you are a girl who shaves your armpits then you'll know that annoying prickly feeling you get when it's growing back, I think this is an amusing nod to that. On top of that, the thick lines and awesome shading make this a really well-done tattoo so kudos to the artist!


I love this one and it's one I've seen a lot while following the trend, I really like how soft it is without the defined lines and the colours make it look really organic. It's almost a shame that people will only see it when they lift their arms!

Flying Monster Thing...

Ok, this is more like one of those tattoos that have just strayed into the armpit but I had to put it in because I thought it looked awesome! It looks like some kind of Tolkienesque monster or something and it looks as though it's about to bite this guy's nipple off.


This one looks kind of creepy, but I like how centred it is in the armpit for some reason. The artist has also pulled off the torn skin effect really well and it just looks generally awesome... Also, has this guy had his entire nipple tattooed?!

3D Design

Is this one as trippy for you as it is for me? It looks super 3D and genuinely looks like there is a crater going into this gentleman's armpit! It seems as though this was all achieved by just lines as well, amazing!

What do you think of the latest trend in arm pit tattoos? Do you think they are cool or silly? Do you have one that you'd like to tell us about? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for a Tattoo Ink Wholesalers UK tattoo artists can trust, then that's us! 

Love Katy...




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  • Katy Jackson