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Love is in the air with these Valentine's Day Tattoos - Buy Pink Tattoo Ink online


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and romance, and show your loved one how much you adore and cherish them.  Although showing your love for your partner on a daily basis is definitely a beautiful thing to do, Valentine's Day in particular is a time when people are feeling extra loved up and go out of their way to buy their loved one gifts, or make an extra special gesture. 

What could be more special than getting a Valentine's Day themed tattoo as a tribute to your significant other?  It's not always advisable (especially if you're in a newer relationship), and we'd always advise anyone thinking of getting their partner's name or face tattooed on them to approach this idea with a LOT of caution, but it's definitely a trend and sentiment that is popular, and isn't going away any time soon.

Whether in the form of a heart tattoo with some classic scroll and a name, or as a cheeky cherub or a rose, there are plenty of ways in which to show your love for your partner in tattoo form.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy pink tattoo ink online, we've came across some really beautiful tattoos which are perfect for Valentine's Day!

Done by Nawoo

Done by Georgiie Gibbs

Done by Marissa Wunders

Done by Stefan Pauli

Done by Marta Montero

Done by Ksu Arrow

Done by Mandy Hazell

No matter what you're doing this Valentine's Day, whether it's smothering your partner with love and affection, having a romantic meal, or just enjoying your own company, we hope you've enjoyed looking at these gorgeous and romantic tattoos that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

If you're going to be creating some Valentine's Day themed tattoos then make sure you head over to our website where you can buy pink tattoo ink online. 

Love Toni

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