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Valentine's Day Tattoos... Love is in the Air


Valentine's Day, or February 14th, makes the perfect occasion to celebrate love and romance, and show your loved one how much you adore and cherish them. Showing your love for your partner on a daily basis is definitely a beautiful thing to do. However, Valentine's in particular is a time when people tend to go out of their way to buy their loved one gift items or make an extra special gesture.


Valentine's Day on the calendar, February 14th


What could be more special than getting a Valentine's Day theme tattoo as a tribute to your significant other? It's not always advisable (especially if you're in a newer relationship), and we would always advise anyone thinking of getting their partner's name or face tattooed on them to approach this idea with a LOT of caution. However, it is definitely a trend and sentiment that is popular and isn't going away any time soon.

For more information on how you can also show some love to these new tattoos, make sure to read to the end of this article!

Valentine's Day Tattoos

Valentine's Day is often considered to be a special celebration of love and affection. Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years as symbols of commitment, loyalty, and passion. Valentine's tattoos come in all styles and sizes, from matching designs to individual symbols that represent your relationship. However, all are permanent expressions of love that will last beyond the special day.

Is a Valentine's Tattoo Always a Good Idea?

Valentine's tattoos, while often seen as a token of love and affection, can sometimes be a source of regret. Even though these designs may seem like an amazing way to show your significant other just how much you care about them, it is important to consider the potential long-term implications of getting a tattoo for Valentine's Day.

For couples in newer relationships, getting tattooed can sometimes be seen as a “curse”. Even if things are going great today, it's impossible to predict the future and rash decisions like this often end in regret down the line. While some may take solace in the idea that tattoos can be covered up or removed, these are often expensive and painful processes.


Valentine gift


That being said, getting a tattoo can also be very meaningful and romantic when approached with caution. Many couples opt for simple designs that symbolize their shared love such as hearts, arrows, or cupids. These are often considered less risky designs as they don't contain personal information like names or dates. 

Ultimately, the decision to get a tattoo should never be taken lightly. While this type of gesture can feel incredibly romantic in the moment, it is important to consider how it could affect you both in the future.

Popular Symbolism for a Valentine's Tattoo

Modern Valentine's tattoos often combine traditional symbols such as hearts, roses, and cupids with modern designs. Creative couples often combine their initials or the date of their marriage in a tattoo to mark their special relationship status.


Roses, a great Valentine's Day tattoo design


Lots of tattoos rely on softer colours such as pinks or pastel tattoo ink, which help to create a softer, more romantic aesthetic. You can find many of these products and more in our tattoo ink collection here.

Another popular idea is to get a matching set of tattoos with your partner. This could be the same design in different colours or separate symbols that represent your individual personalities, yet which come together to form one cohesive piece. This is an especially great way for couples to show their love for each other in a unique and meaningful way.


Couple with matching tattoos for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Tattoo Flash

Valentine's Day flash is an innovative and creative way for tattoo artists to create several designs suitable for those looking for an expression of love. Tattoo flash is a set of pre-designed designs on sheets, which were originally used in traditional tattoo parlours. 

Tattoo flash boards typically feature a range of popular elements. These symbols are combined in unique ways to create beautiful and meaningful designs that represent love and devotion.

Showing Some Love To A Valentine's Tattoo

Caring for your tattoo is of the utmost importance if you want it to last for years. Tattoos are an investment, so clients should note that taking proper care of your newly-inked body art is essential. 

Check out our other blogs for further tips to ensure that your tattoo stays vibrant and healthy for years to come:

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If you're an artist why not consider stocking a studio pack of aftercare to show some additional love to your clients who visit this year?

Getting Inked for February 14th

Valentine's Day tattoos can be a romantic way to show your love for someone, but it is also important to consider the potential risks. Couples in newer relationships should take extra precaution when considering getting matching or permanent designs as this could have long-term implications if things don't work out.


Matching I Love You couple tattoos


For those who do decide to get a tattoo, opting for simpler symbols such as hearts, arrows and cupids are often a popular option. Additionally, taking proper care of your new tattoo with the right aftercare products will ensure that it lasts longer and looks vibrant for years down the line.

Regardless of whether you opt for traditional symbols of romance or something unique that reflects both your personalities. Tattoos offer an amazing opportunity to express your feelings towards each other through art!

Last Updated February 2023

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  • Antonia McLoughlin