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Victor Portugal's exciting new product range | Radiant Tattoo Ink


One of the greatest black and grey masters of the tattoo industry is widely renowned artist Victor Portugal. Born in Uruguay, Victor lived in Spain for several years, before eventually moving to Poland and setting up shop in Krakow where he now works.  Victor started tattooing in 1998, and tends to favour dark, biomechanical work with surrealist elements.  He's really cemented his place within the industry as an exceptionally talented artist, and has been in the tattoo game a long time, working many different tattoo conventions worldwide, and getting to know the industry inside and out.  So, it's no surprise that someone with his talent and knowledge has brought out his own range of tattoo products!

Victor recently collaborated with Radiant Tattoo Ink to bring out the Victor Portugal Shading set; inspired by his incredible black and grey work, the VP greywash set is perfect for blending of contrasting tones and extreme details, featuring 4 brilliant grey wash tones, and an intense lining black. The set now comes in a stylish presentation tin, and also includes a 1/2oz Radiant white, and a pot of DipCap.  Suffice to say, the Victor Portugal Shading set has received a warm reception, and has been extremely popular with our customers!
The all-new Victor Portugal Shading Set!

A stunning back piece done by Victor, using the Radiant Tattoo Ink Victor Portugal Shading Set.

Not only that, but Victor has also recently brought out his own range of tattoo machines; 'Dark Times Tattoo Machines'.  The extensive range of top quality tattoo machines includes liners, shaders and colour packers, rotary machines, and some limited edition machines there too.  He's also included some machines that are exclusively designed for left-handed tattoo artists.  This is an innovative idea, as these particular machines are completely suited to those who use their left hand to tattoo. 
Some of the brilliant tattoo machines from Victor Portugal's Dark Times tattoo machine range.

Not only that, Victor has designed his own range of tattoo needles, and more recently, a range of Victor Portugal cartridges that come fitted with the safety membrane, and are made of high quality steel.  Perfect for the new rotary tattoo machines that Victor has just released, the cartridges are of an exceptionally high quality, and look great too with their blue hue!
The all-new Victor Portugal Cartridges.

We're sure that we'll be seeing a lot more Victor Portugal products in the future, and we're confident that his new range of tattoo supplies will be an absolute success.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we're lucky enough to stock the Victor Portugal products, and we couldn't be more excited about the release of all his new machines and cartridges that are out now and available to purchase over on our website RIGHT HERE: !!  Check out the full range now, and don't forget to leave us a message in the comment section. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin