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Amazing Watercolour Tattoos! | Tattoo Aftercare Cream


One of the hottest tattoo trends at the moment is watercolour tattoos.  Until around 5 years ago, watercolour tattoos were relatively unheard of, but now they’re taking the tattoo world by storm, and as a Tattoo Aftercare Cream Wholesaler, we’re really keen on keeping up to date with all things tattoos!  I wanted to take a closer look at the growing trend of watercolour tattoos, and the response it’s received from the tattoo industry as a whole, and also check out some of the most beautiful water colour tattoos around! 





This skeleton tattoo looks great against the splashes of rainbow colours in the background,and it makes the white in the skeleton really stand out!

Watercolour tattoos are easily identifiable, because of the subtle colours and soft shapes used to produce a dreamy watercolour effect; literally like a watercolour painting on the skin.  The absence of bold dark lines is instantly noticeable, and really sets watercolour tattoos aside from your traditional tattoos (and by this, I mean any tattoos consisting of black outlines).  Often it appears the colours have run into one and other, and splashes of ink softly grace the skin to give it a unique painted effect.  A popular choice of subject matter for watercolour tattoos is nature, with many watercolour tattoos consisting of floral elements and animal portraits, however there’s an array of looks that can be achieved with watercolour style tattoos, and I think this is part of the beauty of tattooing as a whole, that the possibilities are literally endless.

This one is perfect for Star Wars fans!  A cute little BB8 tattoo that looks brilliant in a watercolour effect. 

Due to the subtlety of the designs, lack of bold lines and use of solid colour, there’s been some debate that watercolour tattoos may not stand the test of time, however, the fact that watercolour tattoos have only really emerged over the past few years means that there’s very little evidence for, or against this, and with the constant development and evolution of Tattoo Aftercare Cream, I don’t think there’s any reason that watercolour tattoos should fade any quicker than traditional tattoos if the right amount of care and attention is given to them, especially during the healing process.  All tattoos fade and become less bold over time, and there are many factors that contribute to how well the tattoo will heal, including how healthy the skin is to begin with, how well the tattoo is looked after, sun exposure, and the composition of the design itself.  I think as long as your artist designs a tattoo that will feature colours with enough depth to them, and make it large enough that any lines won’t blur into each other over time then you’re good to go!

This leopard tattoo is stunning! 

An artist I particularly love at the moment is Clare LaLa Lambert, who is becoming renowned for her stunning watercolour style tattoo work.  Quite often, watercolour tattoos are simple and small, with little or no black lines to keep in theme with the painted effect, but I love how Clare creates big, detailed pieces with a variety of lines for added depth, truly encapsulating the essence of her subject and creating a contrast against the soft watercolour on the skin.  The thing I love the most about Clare’s tattoos is the way she frequently infuses two unique styles into the one tattoo, incorporating neo traditional designs with a watercolour edge.  I think this is what sets Claire apart from some other watercolour artists – the way she’s able to create such bold, stunning pieces whilst retaining her trademark watercolour style.  The fact that the main elements of her tattoos are framed with bold black lines is a sure-fire sign that they’re built to last, and looking at Clare’s healed work, it’s safe to say that they’re doing exactly that!  Check out more of Clare’s work over on her Instagram page: @clare_lala_tattoo.

This one is one of my favourites, I love the use of colour, and the watery effect behind the frog.

What do you think about watercolour tattoos?  Do you have a favourite tattoo aftercare cream that’s helped to keep your watercolour tattoo looking vibrant?  Let us know in the comments section! 

Love Toni...




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  • Antonia McLoughlin