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We’re celebrating female tattoo artists! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies UK


The tattoo industry has typically been dominated by males ever since tattooing first came to existence.  Currently, only one in every six tattoo artists are female, however these numbers are on the rise, and we think that’s something worth celebrating!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, a UK Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies company, we’re really interested to know what’s going on in the world of tattooing, and find out more about the ladies who are making their mark on the industry today! 

Although women working in the tattoo industry are still a minority, they’ve certainly been making a huge impact over the years, and with the continued influence of strong female role models like Kat Von D, female tattoo artists are taking the industry by storm!  Kat has previously said that she thinks ‘females have to work 110% in order to prove themselves sometimes’, and I think this is certainly true for most women at some point in their lives. 

Because of this, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the amazing female artists who are killing it in the industry, and marvel at some of the brilliant work they’ve done! 

Rachael Rose - Lucky 13, Barnsley:

Rachael’s career in the tattoo industry began 5 years ago, after swapping her original career path in Law for Contemporary Fine Art and Animation at University.  She set her goals on becoming a tattoo artist, and eventually landed herself an apprenticeship.  Rachael says “I’ve worked hard every single day to push myself and develop my style, constantly drawing and painting in my spare time”.  I absolutely adore Rachael’s attention to detail in every single tattoo she produces, and I love how she’s completely developed her own style, incorporating soft botanical elements of nature into her work.  Rachael says “I’m incredibly fortunate to work in a studio surrounded by amazing artists!  Tattooing is my life and I love everything about it.”  We think she’s gone from strength to strength, working tattoo conventions, landing guest spots, and creating a successful sketchbook full of wonderful designs alongside her colleague.  To see more of Rachael’s work, check out her Instagram page: @rachaelrosetattoo.



Stephanie Melbourne – Brass Heart Tattoo, Birmingham:

Stephanie always knew she wanted a job that allowed creativity in order to express her passion for art, and having previously completed a Foundation Degree in Illustration, she went on to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship in 2016.  Even though Stephanie is still relatively new to the industry, she’s achieved so much in the past year alone, and it’s really great to see how successful she is!  I absolutely love her work and I think the tattoos she produces are amazing.  I especially love neo trad tattoos, which Stephanie excels at.  She says “I aim to keep moving forward and achieve the best of my ability.  In the tattoo industry, you never stop learning”.  Stephanie frequently does guest spots at the widely renowned Family Business tattoo studio in London, and she’s also recently worked on an exciting project, designing phone cases, prints, and T-shirts which are available to buy.  To see more of Stephanie’s work, head over to her Instagram page: @stephanie_melbourne.



Charlotte Ann Harris – Penkridge Tattoo Studio, Stafford:

As a first year tattoo artist, Charlotte is completely killing it!  She tells us that she’s adapting her own style of work, and pushing herself further by doing more guest spots and tattoo conventions. Charlotte creates consistently stunning neo trad animal themed tattoos and is becoming known for the beautiful pet portraits she does for her clients.  I’m a huge fan of animal tattoos, and I love how Charlotte gives each creature its own unique characteristics, encapsulating their personalities within each design she creates.  She also sells some beautiful prints over on her Big Cartel page.  Make sure you check out Charlotte’s work on her Instagram page: @charlotteannharris.


These are just some of the super-talented artists we’ve been lucky enough to encounter as a UK Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies company, and we’re glad that the number of female artists is ever-increasing!  Do you have a favourite female tattoo artist you’d like to shout about?  Let us know in the comments!

Love Toni...




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