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We’re raving about Radiant Tattoo Ink! | Tattoo Ink By Radiant Colours UK


When it comes to tattoo ink, nowadays tattoo artists are spoilt for choice with the many brands of tattoo ink available on the market.  Some like to use a select few brands, others will stay loyal to only one brand throughout their whole tattooing career, and some are willing to experiment with a variety of brands, chopping and changing as the mood suits.  We find that a lot of our customers tend to stick to the same couple of brands as they’re used to the colours, the consistency of the ink, and the way in which the tattoos heal when using specific brands and colours.  

This year, we were ecstatic to become an Official Distributor of Tattoo Ink By Radiant Colors, and we were super happy when so many of our customers switched over to Radiant from their usual brand of choice!  All the way from Los Angeles, Radiant Colors have been around for over 10 years, providing the tattoo industry with top quality, bold and brilliant colours.  In 2016, the Radiant brand undertook a huge transformation, reformulating their tattoo ink, making it better than ever.  The Radiant team worked closely with renowned tattoo artists across the globe, using sophisticated technology to create a sterilised, uncut homogenised pigment which produces solid, long-lasting, and bright colours.                                                                   

Behold, the Radiant 95 Colour set!


After supplying Radiant Tattoo Ink for only a short while (just 10 months!) Radiant ink is now our best-selling brand of tattoo ink by far, and I think this speaks volumes about the brand itself, and the quality of the ink!  It’s not surprising to us that the Radiant range has done so well, and we’re really excited to see what the future holds for Radiant!  It’s great to see our customers who’ve never used Radiant before ordering a couple of 1/2oz colours to test the water, and then come back the following week to buy the full 95 colour set, and it goes to show how good Radiant ink actually is! Radiant have some amazing colour sets to offer as well for those specialising in a particular style of tattooing, who more often than not will use the same series of colours.  From the Neo-Trad set (a personal favourite of mine!), to the Victor Portugal Greywash set, there really is something for everyone when it comes to Radiant Tattoo ink, and with some brand-new colour sets on the way, it’s the perfect opportunity for tattoo artists to treat themselves to some new inks!  

Radiant also have a really strong team of amazing Sponsored Artists behind them who proudly use their tattoo ink every day - producing some of the most brilliant work we've ever seen. With artists such as Victor Portugal himself, Fede Gas, Angelo Nicolella, and one of my favourite tattoo artists right now - Myrhwan Ogt, Radiant really are a strong contender in the world of tattoo ink! 


Excellent work from Radiant Sponsored Artists Angelo Nicolella, and Myrhwan Ogt


If you haven’t already tried Tattoo Ink By Radiant Colours, we’d strongly suggest you give it a go!  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!  Check it out here, and let us know what you think!: 



Love Toni…




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  • Antonia McLoughlin