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What you need to know about tattoo tips - Buy Tattoo Tips Online


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tips are one of the core elements in every tattoo artist's toolkit. With hundreds of options in store, it is very important to know which type of tattoo tip is necessary to use for a certain design.

There are 3 different types of tattoo tips- round tips, diamond tips, and flat tips, which includes magnum tips. Different types of tattoo work and needle configurations require a certain type of tattoo tip. You'll need most, if not all, so it's a good idea to keep a variety of tips on hand at all times. 

To start, here are the different types of tattoo tips and their characteristics: 

Diamond Tattoo Tips 

Diamond tattoo tips are perfect for thin, clean, and straight lines. The “V” form in this type of tip supports the needle and prevents it from wobbling around, and this is what makes diamond tattoo tips ideal for finer line work. Diamond tattoo tips are mostly used with single needles, 3s, and 5 round liner and round shader tattoo needles in particular. This tip also allows you to see the needle more clearly than with round tips.  


Round Tattoo Tips 

    Round tips are more suitable for thick lines. They don't cradle tattoo needles the same way diamond tips do, so the tips may wobble a bit in a round tip, particularly when you're working around a curve. Use round tips with round liner needles, super tight round liners, extra super tight round liners, round shaders, and textured round shader tattoo needles. 


    Flat Tattoo Tips 

      These kind of tips are best when used with flat tattoo needles. Flat needles and flat tattoo tips are the ideal combination for tattoos that need shading in geometric areas or when making an avant-garde tattoo. A lot of tattoo artists use flat tattoo tips to create their line work because it produces neat lines. However, if you are not that experienced in this field, stick to diamond or round tips when lining.  

      Magnum Tattoo Tips 

      Magnum tattoo tips are just like flat tattoo tips, but have a wider style. You can combine them with larger groupings of flat needles, magnum needles, or stacked magnum needles for filling larger areas, blending or shading. With these tattoo tips, you get maximum ink flow when paired with a flat or magnum needle configuration. Magnum tips come in two different styles: open-mouth and closed-mouth. 


      Cleaning tattoo tips 

      Using autoclavable tattoo tips will help save you money and effort in the long run. However, they do require maintenance as tattoo tips and other materials need to be cleaned thoroughly and autoclaved in between uses.

      Cleaning supplies like tattoo gloves, disinfecting solution, scrub brushes, and the like are the ones you need when dealing with autoclavable tools.  

      You need to properly clean your tools before autoclaving them to avoid damage and baking debris onto your instruments. To clean your tools, wear your tattoo gloves and give your tools a gentle scrub with a brush and warm water before rinsing. All of these steps are necessary before placing these tools in the autoclave bags and running through an autoclave.

      Alternatively, you can opt for disposable tips. You'll need to make sure you're stocked up on these so it'll mean purchasing them regularly. However, you can just discard of these after use, so there's no need to use an autoclave. 

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      • Matthew Nelson