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What you should know about inner lip tattoos - Buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online

Inner lip tattoos; love them or hate them, they’re a growing trend thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne. Some people deem them as pointless given their short shelf life, limit to what can be tattooed there, and the fact that they’re 100% unnoticeable, but others love the novelty of tattooed lips, and the fact that they won’t last forever can be advantageous to some.

Some tattoo artists will flat out refuse to do lip tattoos.  The skin in your mouth heals a lot differently to your external skin, so lip tattoos don’t usually last forever and the ink has a high chance of fall out, so even if they are still visible in years to come, they’ll most probably be very faint and illegible.  There’s also a higher risk of infection with lip tattoos, so couple this with the fact that they’re likely to significantly fade after a month, and your tattoo artist has good reason to refuse to carry out this type of tattoo. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online, we cater for all manner of aftercare needs.  As with any tattoo, the aftercare process for lip tattoos is crucial, but we’re not talking about your usual tattoo aftercare ointment here. You’ll need to use an alcohol free mouth wash, and avoid acidic foods at all costs.  Also, kissing your significant other is a no no.  You don’t want to risk exposing yourself to all kinds of bacteria during the exchanging of saliva!  Our mouths are full of bacteria, so even without kissing anyone, there’s a high change of your lip tattoo becoming infected, so it’s not worth running the risk of maximising those chances by coming into contact with even more germs.

There’s also some debate about the pain aspect of it. Some people claim that the procedure was relatively painless, while others think that it’s the worst place possible to be tattooed due to the high concentration of nerves within the lips.  I for one think that it would be extremely painful and wouldn’t put myself through it! But there are plenty of people who do, and we’ve compiled a few examples of people’s lip tattoos so you can make your own mind up about whether it’s for you!; 
'Danger Zone'
Skull and crossbones
Personal favourite - a Stegosaurus 
There’s a lot to consider when it comes to inner lip tattoos, so if you’re thinking of getting one then make sure you do your research and have a think about whether it’s right for you!  If you’re going to be getting a tattoo elsewhere on your body (that’s not on your lips!), then don’t forget you buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online from our store, where we supply all your aftercare needs. If you have an inner lip tattoo then we'd really love to hear about your experience, so be sure to leave us a comment below! 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin